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GRAYS Kids'/Adult Medium Intensity Field Hockey Shin Pad G600 - Black

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Designed for teens/adults playing field hockey at a medium level of intensity; intermediate players; also suitable for beginner players Field hockey shin pads for playing safely.

Technical Information

Detailed description

One-piece polypropylene plastic shell covering the front of your leg (and some of the sides) and ankle. Thicker down the centre. Lined with uncovered EVA foam. Maximum vertical coverage. There are lots of wide holes for ventilation.

Detailed description (continued)

The shell is moulded in a relatively closed position to keep the product in place on the leg (there are no fastening straps). Left/right specific.


320 g per pair in size M

Which size?

Place the shin guard as low as possible on your leg so that your ankles are well covered (make sure there are no pressure points and your ankle can move freely). Ideally, the top of the shin guard should come to 2 cm below your kneecap. Your shin guard should fit snugly around your calf without being too tight.

Which size? (cont.)

Manufacturer's information:
- between 100 and 120 cm tall -> size 2XS
- 120 and 140 cm -> XS
- 140 and 160 cm -> S
- 160 and 180 cm -> M
- 180 and 200 cm -> L

Safety tips

Hockey should be fun. Don't neglect your safety. Always wear your mouthguard, shin guards and a glove. Use hockey shoes with protective reinforcement and soles designed for your playing surface Wear a mask and specially designed gloves. During matches and training.

Protecting your legs

A shin guard is a piece of personal protection equipment. It should meet current regulations, including the PPE regulation (EU) 2016/425.
Use a shin guard that was specifically designed for field hockey. A field hockey shin guard has two features specific to the sport: it covers the ankles and comes up to just beneath the kneecap, and provides wide coverage around the legs.

Protecting your legs (cont.)

Football shin pads are not suitable for field hockey.
A field hockey shin pad features a moulded plastic plate that is generally lined with foam to absorb impacts.
Replace your shin guard according to the manufacturer's indications or as soon as it begins to show signs of wear.
Refer to the product user guide in case of questions.


The information here was provided by the manufacturer or observed by our teams from samples received from the manufacturer.

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Composition / advice

Stock advice Never leave your shin guards in your sports bag. Keep them in a dry place.
Restricted use : Not suitable for other sports or activities.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Impact protection Polypropylene plastic shell lined with EVA foam.
Coverage Full coverage: covers the sides of the legs and ankles with a single piece.
Anatomic design Pre-shaped. No fastening straps. Left/right specific.
User comfort Uncovered foam on the side in contact with the leg and ankle
Easy dressing Easy to slip inside your socks without taking your shoes off.
Lightweight 320 g per pair in size M
Breathability Ventilation holes. The foam against your leg does not remove much perspiration.
Easy maintenance Can't be taken apart.

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