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WEDZE Child's all mountain/ freestyle snowboarding shoes Indy 300 - Black Blue

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Designed for young snowboarders (size 34 to 38) from beginner to confirmed level looking for a comfortable and tolerant shoe. Quick tightening at the bottom pf these boots ensures great support, while the rip-tab top wedges the tibia perfectly. Add to that they're lightweight and come with EVA cushioning, and you're on to a winner.
  • Quick to get on and off
  • Foam heel support
  • Good grip on all kinds of snow

Technical Information

A word from the product manager

We have reviewed the design of these children's shoes. It is a linerless shoe, without slipper, which makes it possible to have to make only one tightening: it's the most practical for children and their parents. For greater comfort, we've also lightened the shoe.

Fast Lock 2-zone tightening system

The easy fastening of the Indy 300 comes from a comment made by a snowboard instructor: "We have to stop the traditional laces with to-do knots, I too often start my classes by tightening my clients’ laces."
We improved it this winter by adding a scratch on the shin for a perfect tightening.
1. Fast, powerful, concentrated grip on the instep for foot maintenance
2. Rip-tab on the shin to eliminate play between shin and tongue.

Shoe flex/stiffness

The introduction of the soft flex was a deliberate decision. It brings comfort in use, reduces physical fatigue and allows you to fully enjoy your day. It has the advantage of helping the beginner to have the right position on his board: ankles are flexed to avoid stiff legs. You have to react quickly when you're snowboarding so it's important to bend the knees. Starting with a boot that is too stiff is a handicap.

Foot support: Comfort Heel Pad ankle foam

The ankle foam padding fills the hollow below and behind the ankle in order to secure the heel.
The level 1 liner has 10 mm thick single-material ankle foam that is quite soft.
The aim is to provide the right heel/foot support for the type of shoe. Because the faster you go, the greater the energy involved, and the more foot support you need.
The Comfort Foam fulfills this goal by providing maximum comfort for all.

Outsole: traction, grip, cushioning and thermal insulation

Our Ultralight sole is only in EVA.
EVA is a very light material with 80% air. This formulation is designed to resist abrasion while keeping its damping properties. It is naturally very insulating and protects against the cold rising from the ground.
We designed in large studs to offer you very good grip. They are spaced quite far apart to prevent snow from getting stuck.

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Composition / advice

Upper of
100.00% Polyester
Outer sole of
100.00% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
Lining and sock of
100.00% Polyester
Warm lining
100.00% Polyester
Care instructions: To clean with a wet cloth.
Stock advice At the end of the day, take out the insole of the slipper for a perfect drying in one night.
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. Using it for any other purpose means you run the risk of exceeding the technical capacities of this product. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, a back protector and protective shorts to fully appreciate your practice.

Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Thermal insulation EVA sole, 80% air. Thick foam on the toes to insulate from the cold.
Easy opening / closing 2-zone Fast Lock system: quick instep and rip-tab at the shins.
Rigidity Supple flex allows ankle flex for a better position.
Fit 10 mm foam heel support: comfort and good foot support at moderate speed.
Fitting comfort Soft foam for maximum comfort.
Traction Ultralight sole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
Cushioning Ultralight sole in EVA, 80% air for lightness and cushioning.

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