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VAN RYSEL 900 Cycling GPS

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This GPS cyclometer is designed for cyclists who want to measure their performance, save their GPS track and share it on their favourite mobile app. Easy-to-use cyclometer, connects to all ANT+ and Bluetooth devices, syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth (Strava, etc.), customisable screens, bracket included.

Product benefits

Parameter measurement Speed, distance, altitude, GPS track. Compatible: HR, cadence & power trackers.
Connectivity Transfer your sessions to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
Compatibility Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth heart rate, cadence, speed and power sensors
Easy assembly / dismantling Easy to securely mount on its bracket.
Easy reading Large screen with good contrast. Customisable values (1 to 5 per view).
Autonomy 12 hours of battery life in GPS mode. Battery can be charged using a USB cable.
Versatility Indoor mode (without GPS) for turbo trainer use. (needs ANT+/Bluetooth)
Waterproof IPX7 (1 ATM) protection from rain and snow.

Technical Information

Speed and distance functions

Current speed
Average speed
Maximum speed
Partial distance (ride distance)

Time functions

Stopwatch (automatic or manual start/stop)

Altitude functions

Current altitude
Elevation gain
Elevation loss

Other functions

Calories burned
Backlit screen (for night use)
Automatic start/stop
Multilingual menu (10 languages): English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Hungarian.

Heart rate functions
(if connected to a heart rate belt [sold separately])

Current heart rate
Average and maximum heart rate on the ride
You have the option to set a target heart rate zone in BPM (beats per minute), %HR (% of max heart rate) or %HRR (HRR = Heart Rate Reserve, the difference between your maximum heart rate and resting heart rate). The HRR is used by the Karvonen formula to calculate your training heart rate based on the target intensity.

Cadence functions
(if connected to the cadence or power sensor [sold separately])

Current cadence
Average cadence
Target cadence zone

Power functions
(if connected to the power sensor [sold separately])

Current power
Average power over 10 seconds
Average power for the ride
You have the option to set a target zone in Watts or in %FTP.
FTP (Functional Threshold Power) is the maximum power you can maintain for 60 minutes.

Laps (split times)

Manual or automatic laps.
For each lap, the following values are available: time, distance, average speed, average heart rate, average cadence, average power, elevation.
Laps are also synced to the Decathlon Connect app so you can analyse them on your phone.

New Decathlon Connect app

Transfer data from your BC900 via Bluetooth Smart technology and view your sessions immediately on your smartphone thanks to the Decathlon Connect app (available on iOS and Android).
- Analyse your sessions: maps, speed curve, pace, heart rate, power, altitude, pedalling analysis, ...
- Statistics help you appreciate your progress
The data is also visible for PC/Mac at (.gpx file export possible)

Compatible with Strava and other third-party apps.

Do you want to transfer your sessions to other apps or view your history? The Decathlon Connect app is compatible with Strava, Garmin Connect, Fitbit, Apple Health and Polar Flow. You can connect your favourite service to your cyclometer in an instant.

Mount your cyclometer on your Triban or Van Rysel bike!

The BC900 cyclometer is compatible with the "Dashboard System" which can be found on certain Triban and Van Rysel road bikes. Thanks to this technology you can mount the cyclometer straight onto your bike's stem! (available beginning September 2020)


We know that your personal records are precious. This is why the BC900 automatically detects your records and stores them in its memory. Whenever you beat a record, your cyclometer will congratulate you.


Length: 78mm
Width: 44mm
Height: 14 mm
Screen: 38mm x 31mm

Customise your activity screens

You can customise each activity screen (the pages on the cyclometer that you see when riding). For each page, you can choose:
- the number of fields (values): between 1 and 5 (the size adjusts automatically so if you want bigger numbers, don't have too many values per page)
- the type of value for each field
- the number of pages (up to 9 pages)
These settings can be adjusted on the cyclometer or even more easily on the Decathlon Connect app.

Want more details or need help?

Consult our support page:

Indoor use (turbo trainer)

Want to use your cyclometer during indoor turbo trainer sessions as well?
The cyclometer has an "indoor" function that lets you use it without GPS. You will of course need sensors to give you your speed, cadence, heart rate or power data. (sold separately)

Does the BC900 cyclometer provide navigation functions?

No, the cyclometer only records your GPS track for you to view on a smartphone after syncing. The cyclometer has no navigation function.

Pack contents.

BC900 GPS cyclometer
Bracket for mounting it on 35mm, 31.8mm or 25.4mm handlebars (rubber ring adaptors included)
USB charging cable


BC900 = 46g
Arm = 27g

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Composition / advice

80.00% Polycarbonate-Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, 20.00% Acrylic
Inside room
90.00% PCBA, 10.00% Glass - Mineral

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