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INESIS Adult Beginners Golf Set - Right Handed Half Set Size 2 Steel

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Our team of passionate golfers have designed this golf set to help you improve your game. We've carefully selected 7 golf clubs in this package set to cover every shot on the golf course, allowing you to play the full 18 holes. We make golf easier!
  • Half golf set - 7 golf clubs covering every distance
  • Beginners golf clubs - wide club face for extra forgiveness
  • Heavier and stiffer steel shafts for stronger golfers
  • 2 sizes - gender neutral golf clubs fit to your size
  •  ​​

    Technical Information


    Regardless of whether you are male or female or how tall you are, it is the distance between the ground and your hand (wrist) that determines what size of club you need.
    We offer 2 sizes: Size 1: Corresponds to players with a ground to wrist distance less than 78.5 cm
    SIZE 2: Corresponds to players with a ground to wrist distance greater than 78.5 cm.
    If your measurement is equal to 78.5 cm, we recommend that you opt for SIZE 2.


    This golf set includes: 7 clubs
    Each club allows you to achieve a certain distance according to your swing.
    1 Driver
    1 hybrid
    1 6/7 iron
    1 8/9 iron
    1 Pitching wedge
    1 Sandwedge
    1 putter
    + 1 wood cover to protect your Driver

    Why did we select these 7 clubs?

    This is the recommendation of the golf instructors with whom we worked.
    These 7 clubs were selected so that there is an average of 15 metres difference between each club.
    You can cover all distances with these 7 clubs from the tee-off to the green.
    This complete kit will allow you to progress for several years.


    We have stopped selling half sets with 6 traditional clubs made up the putter, N° 5, 7, 9 irons and 3-wood for two reasons:
    1. Golf coaches have warned us how difficult it is to play with a 5-iron and a 3-wood.
    2. We also noticed there was too greater distance between the SW and the 9-iron.

    Why do our golf clubs have two numbers?

    Our goal is to make golf easier.
    We chose the right number of clubs to facilitate your game and facilitate the choice of club when playing.
    Each club allows you to achieve a certain distance according to your swing.


    The opening angle of the club face called "loft" is not standardised among the various brands of golf clubs. Specifically, a 7 iron of one brand might correspond to a 6 iron in another brand or vice versa. Our clubs are designed to have the best loft difference between each club.


    The shafts used for these irons are made of steel.
    Heavier and stiffer, we recommend them for athletic players, very strong physically.
    In most cases, a graphite club will be easier to play, allowing you to drive for greater distance.

    DRIVER / technical characteristics

    Designed to hit very long distance from the teeing ground.
    This is the club that will allow you to send the ball the furthest. It is used with a tee at the start to raise the ball.
    Clubhead volume: 460 CC in aluminium
    Loft: 14°
    Graphite shaft, 55 grams
    Length: 43.5''
    *Wood cover included: We recommend putting it back on after each use so as not to damage the club head.

    HYBRID / technical characteristics

    Designed to make it easier to hit long distances throughout the course. It can be used at the start with a tee or out on the course.
    Loft:22° (n°4/5)
    Graphite shaft, 55 grams
    Length: 40''

    3 IRON / technical characteristics

    Designed to hit intermediate and shorter distances all over the course.
    The 6/7 iron makes it possible to achieve intermediate distances. The 8/9 iron allows for shorter shots. And the Pitching Wedge (PW) is ideal for making approach shots.
    Loft 7/6 Iron (30°) / length: 37.5"
    Loft 9/8 Iron (39°) / length: 36.5”
    Loft PW (45°) / length:35.75"
    Steel shaft, 115 grams

    THE SANDWEDGE (SW) / technical characteristics

    Designed to lift the ball very high at very short distances. This club is used around the greens to make a high approach and/or to get out of the sand bunkers.
    Steel shaft, 115 grams
    Length: 35,5''


    Designed to make the golf ball roll on the green.
    The shape of this putter, called a "Mallet", will enable you with two large parallel lines to better aim for the hole and help you in your alignment.
    Putter length: 34''


    Rubber grip
    3 rows of marking help you place your hands.
    Grip weight: 51 grams
    Length: 26.5 cm
    Diameter: 2,7 cm


    This set is sold without a golf bag. We recommend the INESIS ULTRALIGHT bag. It is ideal for carrying your 7 clubs to either the driving range or out on the course.

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    Composition / advice

    15.00% Zamac, 71.00% Stainless steel, 14.00% Aluminium 6061
    100.00% Steel
    100.00% Rubber - Styrene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)
    Protection cover
    100.00% Polyester (PES)
    Stock advice Keep your clubs in a dry place

    Our commitments

    Test Product We have performed tests with a robot at Golf Laboratories, the biggest independent club test centre, located at San Diego (USA). These tests measure our clubs' forgiveness and distance. ( Other user tests are conducted to check the stated benefits of this products. (Panel of 60 players)
    Guarantee : 2 Years


    Product benefits

    Ease of use Wide club heads to correctly position the club for easier ball flight
    Weight WARNING: Steel shafts: more rigid and heavier.
    Forgiveness The widened clubface improves their tolerance on off-centre hits
    Ergonomic grip 3 rows of markings on the grips, makes hand placement easier

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