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High-quality anti-fogging under the sun or clouds.

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G-TMax 400 All Weather Ski Goggles - Pink

Designed for skiers and snowboarders looking for goggles to ski in the snow or cloudy weather with 100% ANTI UV anti-fogging The G-TMAX 400 allows you to ski in the sun or cloudy conditions, the lens is brown and treated with high quality anti-fogging. In size L, corrective lens of 130 mm wide max can be used

Colour : Fuchsia

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100% UV Protection

UV rays are harmful to the eyes. All our goggles are 100% UV-resistant certified according to the EN 174 norm. Ski goggles are the best protection solution: it perfectly encloses your eyes and prevents any passage of UV rays, including through reverberation.

Performance antifogging

The Performance anti-fog is composed of a dual screen with treatment on the internal surface and effective ventilation on the frame to ventilate the interior of the ski goggles. To allow good ventilation, avoid obstructing these vents with something like a scarf.

Dual lens

A goggle design with a dual screen allows to limit fog formation: the air trapped between the two screens is an excellent insulator. The thermal shock is lower, which slows the formation of fog on the inner screen of the goggles. The latter also receives an anti-fog treatment. Be careful not to rub the inside of the screen. Instead, carefully dab the surface to keep the effectiveness of the anti-fog as long as possible.

Cylindrical screen

Cylindrical dual screen. The outer screen is injected with poly-carbonate to limit optical distortion. The inner screen is made of acetate.

Compatibility with a ski helmet

Compatibility with a ski helmet

Compatibility with eyeglasses

The G-TMAX 400 goggles in Size L let you wear corrective lenses with a maximum width of 130mm width. The foam on the sides and the shape of the goggles leave a passage for each temple.


Elastic in polyamide, polyester, and rubber with a height of 40 mm, with a non-slip silicone strap.

Flash coloured screen

The coloured Flash coating on the outside surface of the ski goggles screen reduces the light transmitted to the eyes. The aim is to reduce glare and provide you with greater visual clarity in bright conditions.

EN 174 norm

The EN 174 is a European norm for goggles used for eye protection when practising alpine skiing or similar activities such as snowboarding.

How to avoid fog formation

Humidity causes the formation of condensation. It is therefore necessary to avoid gorging the foam with humidity and not putting the ski goggles on a wet helmet or wet cap. Falling face down in the snow can also cause your goggles to fog up. This is why in all cases, you must let your ski goggles dry overnight, so as to eliminate any trace of moisture and to be able to ski again the next day with a perfectly dry product.

2 sizes

Choose the size of the goggles according to your head size. Under 55 cm, choose size S (previously S/M). Above 55 cm, choose size L (previously L/XL).

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Exclusive of elastic (Only of US)
36.00% Rubber - Synthetic, 31.00% Polyester (PES), 33.00% Polyamide
60.00% Polycarbonate (PC), 40.00% Cellulose Acetate
100.00% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU)
100.00% Polyurethane (PU)
Care instructions: Clean your glasses with suitable accessories : microfiber or spray cleaner (range ORAO accessories).. If there are projections of your glasses , never wipe dry : pass them firstly in under water.. Dry after each usage.
Stock advice You're advised to store your goggles in the Wed'ze bag after use.


Test Product All Wed'ze products are tested in target use conditions... In the snow, in the cold, in all the conditions you could encounter when skiing. Our design teams, product managers, engineers, and garment designers ensure that products are suitable for their intended use and hold up in real world conditions.
Guarantee : 2 Years