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4K camera , image stabilisation, touchscreen.

49 - Electronics Kites, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Frisbee - G-EYE 900 4K Action Camera GEONAUTE - Windsurfing Equipment
49 - Electronics

GEONAUTE G-EYE 900 4K and FULL HD Action Camera w/ Touchscreen.

Designed for regular sportspersons looking for a 4K and FULL HD (up to 60 frames per second), water resistant (up to 40m) action camera 4K and FULL HD action camera inc. image stabilisation, PAUSE function to capture videos that need no editing, embedded slowmotion, water resistance to 40m with its housing. Comes with mounts.
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Reference : 8390837
Image quality VIDEO: 4K (15 FPS) and FULL HD (60 FPS)
Ease of use PAUSE function to shoot videos that do not need editing.
Pre-settings per sport.
Tactile efficiency 2'' LCD touchscreen to compose, view and play your photos and videos.
Autonomy Up to 3hrs (wifi disabled, in full HD 60 frames per second).
Waterproof The camera is watertight up to 40m thanks to its housing, included in the pack.
Control WIFI for smartphone control
BLUETOOTH for remote control (optional 8387342)
Connectivity Mini USB port: charging, image transfer.
Mini HDMI Port : HD TV
Versatility Compatible with all DECATHLON CO-NECT and GoPro mounting accessories.
NO MORE VIDEO EDITING! The G-EYE 900 action camera offers the exclusive "PAUSE" function to pause your video recording and restart it later.

With this function, you don't need to do any video editing anymore. When the recording is over, you get one single file(*), where standard cameras and smartphones produce a large numbers of files.

(*): max. video file size: 4GB, ie approx. 20 minutes.
START WITHOUT DELAY! Activate the camera and immediately start a video or photo recording when the camera is off thanks to the QUICK VIDEO and QUICK PHOTO functions of the G-EYE 900 camera.
Example: Like every Sunday, you go mountain biking in the forest. As you are cautious, you turned off your camera to save the battery.
Suddenly, a unicorn (or is it a white deer?) runs past you: you are glad that you chose the G-EYE 900 that allows you to capture the moment in 2 seconds.
OPTIMISE YOUR STORAGE! The LOOP function of the G-EYE 900 camera lets you record a video in continuous mode, keeping only the last 10 minutes.
Example: you have not collected your thoughts yet (see above), and did not see the huge branch lying on the road: the fall is inevitable! No need to delete the video file to avoid ridicule, because luckily, your G-EYE 900 includes a LOOP function, that you obviously enabled.
YOUR CAMERA ADAPTS TO YOUR SPORT IN 1 CLICK! Pixels & Frames per second... You find it confusing?
You don't have to think about it, we made all the presettings for you!

Those presettings are based on the speed of your chosen sport!
The SLOW SPORTS and FAST SPORTS modes will provide optimal quality while optimising your battery life.
FILM YOURSELF! The SELFIE mode lets you film yourself with a 180° reversed camera that can be set in automatic mode.
QUALITY VIDEO IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! The G-EYE 900 camera also guarantees your video quality in low light conditions thanks to the automatic LOW LIGHT function.
SLOW DOWN.... You want to capture a slowmotion video without having to use an editing software? No problem, the G-EYE 900 action camera includes a SLOWMOTION video mode (slowed down 4 times).

We highly recommend using the SLOWMOTION mode before a specific sport action: jumps, skids, difficult sections, etc.

At DECATHLON, we also like this mode for the little falls that make big memories;-))
...OR SPEED UP! The video TIME LAPSE gives an accelerated effect: this technique consists in producing a video from a large amount of photos taken from the same place at accurate time intervals, from a few seconds to a few minutes.
The TIME LAPSE is available for the 1080p resolution.
VARIOUS VIDEO RESOLUTIONS TO MATCH YOUR NEEDS! The camera offers several video modes in the MP4 format, including:
-4 K: 15 frames per second.
-2.7 K: 30 frames per second.

- FULL HD: 1080p (1920 x 1080) up to 60 frames per second - 16:9
- HD: 720p (1280 x 720) up to 120 frames per second - 16:9
IMMERSIVE VIDEOS! The shooting angle of the DECATHLON G-EYE 900 camera goes up to 158° and lets you choose from:
- Wide: for all video modes
- Medium: compatible with resolutions: 2.7K 1080p and 720p
- Small: compatible with resolutions: 1080p and 720p
VIDEOS, BUT ALSO PHOTOS! -PHOTO in video (*): when capturing a video, you can take a picture: convenient when you meet a unicorn or a white deer!
(*)only in 30 FPS and wide angle.

-BURST: the burst mode helps you take the perfect picture during a sports action.

-TIMELAPSE: lets you take a large number of pictures from the same place at specific time intervals from a few seconds to a few minutes.
5 million pixels: photo print 10x15cm (postcard format)
8 million pixels: photo print 21x29.7cm (A4 format)
12 million pixels: photo print 29.7x42cm (A3 format)
16 million pixels: photo print 42x60cm (A2 format)
OPTIMISE YOUR BATTERY LIFE! The G-EYE 900 sports camera includes an automatic standby feature which can be set to OFF or 10 minutes, to optimise battery life.
CAMERA CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERPRINTS! The G-EYE 900 sports camera offers a touchscreen which enables:
-easy framing.
-quick setting of camera.
-view photo or video files.
-delete files.

To let you use the touchscreen while keeping your camera protected, a skeleton backdoor for the waterproof housing is included.
This skeleton backdoor is not suitable for water sports.
PROTECT YOUR CAMERA! The G-EYE 900 action camera comes with a housing.
It will ensure that your camera is protected from shocks and dust.
It is also waterproof to 40m with the standard backdoor.

The PHOTO and VIDEO buttons on the housing are deliberately larger for easier use with gloves on.
PACK CONTENTS 1 G-EYE 900 action camera
1 waterproof housing (40m)
1 skeleton backdoor for housing.
2 mounting accessories:
- 1 flat adhesive CO-NECT pad: for flat surfaces
- 1 curved adhesive CO-NECT pad: for curved surfaces
1 GoPro-type Clip with safety system.
1 Screw
1 Lanyard
1 Mini-usb cable
WARRANTY AND AFTER-SALE SERVICE All DECATHLON products include a 2-year warranty. For any questions, go to our support site: href=""> . You will find tips to make effective use of your device: user guides, frequently asked questions by our users and video tutorials. In order to provide you with maximum support, the assistance support team is available 24/7 and will respond to you personally.
REMOTE CONTROL OR SETUP OF YOUR CAMERA! The G-EYE camera can connect to your smartphone (ANDROID or iOS) through WIFI with the G-EYE CONNECT app.

You can both replay your files directly on your smartphone or tablet and share them on social networks.
You can also remotely set up parameters, start a video recording or take a picture!
Weight and size Weight: 106 grams (207 grams with the waterproof housing)
Height: 50mm
Width: 68mm
Depth: 36mm
Technical specifications Chipset: Ambarella A12S55
Sensor: Panasonic MN34120PAJ
02.00% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), 08.00% Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA), 90.00% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS)
Inside Shell - Main fabric
100.00% Battery - Lilo
80.00% Epoxy, 20.00% Copper (CU)
Care instructions: After using your camera in salt water, rinse thoroughly with fresh water and dry.
Stock advice In order to avoid fogging when using your camera with a waterproof housing, we recommend adding a CO-NECT anti-fog insert (ref: 8301020) between the camera and the housing.
Test Product All DECATHLON products are tested by a panel of users under the conditions of use for which they were designed. These tests are coordinated and supervised by a team of engineers dedicated to this mission. All these tests allow the product managers, engineers and the whole Geonaute team to develop, create and design technical products that will satisfy our customers.
Guarantee : 2 Years