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Very warm, very soft, very comfortable

Forclaz 500 Children's Walking Jumper - Pink

Designed for keeping your child warm while HIKING. Very soft and comfortable Textured fleece with full zip and hood, very warm.

Colour : Crimson

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Reference : 8345037
Fleece material: Insulates using the air

The fleece component is designed to trap the air thanks to the volume created by its texture; this air acts as a natural insulator, keeping the body warm. It is the brushing of the knit fabric or the length of the filaments that traps the air.

Durability of the components

Resistance to wear test: for example, we check that the fleeces do not pill using tests conducted in laboratories. Colour retention test: the colour fastness is verified to make sure that the colours do not bleed when coming into contact with saliva. Ageing test: repeated washing should not alter the fabric's properties, behaviour, thickness or appearance.

Care instructions:

In order to preserve the thermal insulation properties for as long as possible, our experts recommend the following maintenance guidelines: firstly, the care label inside the garment specifies: its composition and provides care instructions. Always avoid: harsh chemicals such as bleach, which can affect the thermal insulation of your sports textiles.

Our teams of testers at the foot of Mont Blanc.
Test Product Our design team is based at the foot of Mont-Blanc, in Haute-Savoie (France). . These are then ruthlessly tested in the field, as we remain convinced that only through rigorous testing under real world conditions, like the ones you will be using them in, can we continue to provide you with better products than ever.
Guarantee : 2 Years
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