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The breathable glove with Air Cooling technology.

FKT580 boxing gloves

Designed for regular boxers. The breathable glove with Air Cooling technology.

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How do you choose boxing gloves?

Boxing is a so-called "strike" combat sport. Boxing gloves are designed to protect both the boxer's body and hands (for example, when parrying), as well as their opponent. This is to prevent injury to both parties.

Which size?

The size of gloves is given in oz (which is the abbreviation of "ounce", a British unit of measurement used worldwide for boxing gloves). The "oz" represents the weight of the gloves (and therefore their level of protection) and is chosen in accordance with the boxer's weight.
Weight of glove: Your weight
- 6 oz: < 45 kg
- 8 oz: 45 to 65 kg
- 10 oz: 65 to 78 kg
- 12 oz: 78 to 90 kg
- 14 oz: > 90 kg
- 16 oz: > 90 kg for even greater protection.

Types of gloves for different levels?

A novice boxer should choose gloves offering a good level of comfort and ventilation
A frequent boxer should choose hard-wearing gloves
A competitive boxer should choose leather gloves which provide excellent protection and durability.

Care advice

Using the specially-designed mittens inside your boxing gloves will protect them from the effects of perspiration. They are practical, easy to slip on and take off. They prolong the life of your boxing gloves.
The straps are mainly designed to protect your joints and wrists, but they also protect your gloves from perspiration.

Domyos innovation

A new design which completely conforms to boxing regulations.

Guarantee : 2 Years