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B'TWIN Elops 900 E Step Over Classic Electric Bike - Red


Colour : Brick red

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For improved comfort and an effortless ride, look no further than this bike. It's made with urban settings in mind - the aluminimum seat post absorbs vibrations from uneven roads/cobbles, it comes with wide tyres and the brakes are powerful and precise. Smart sensors mean as soon as you start pedalling, you'll get a helping hand from the electric drive for up to 70km.
  • Electric assistance from the first half rotation of the pedals
  • Seven speeds
  • Strong and light step-over frame
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We currently have limited capacity to build bikes in our warehouse. Due to this, we are limiting the number of bikes we sell per day. If you are unable to process your order at checkout, please return the following day to make your purchase.

Product benefits

Cycling comfort Get improved comfort: ergonomic position, wide tyres, and suspension fork.
Ease of use Enhance your rides: rear motor, 30 Nm torque, 7 speeds, and pannier rack!
Bike safety This bike is safer thanks to its disc brakes and LED lights.
Lifetime warranty Keep it for a long time: Lifetime warranty on frame, handlebars and stem.
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Technical Information

Battery and motor: technical information

"250 watts (complies with EU standard), brushless motor, mounted on the rear wheel. Motor torque: 30 Nm.
36 volt/11.6 Ah (418 Wh) battery with a 2-year warranty (from 350 to 500 charge cycles to 100%) equipped with Samsung elements.
Everything is controlled by an LCD dashboard with 3 modes + a "walking" mode for pushing the bike while walking next to it.
Range from 40 to 70km depending on your weight, use, hills, outside temperature, and assistance mode.

How does an electric bike work?

"With its motor on the rear wheel and pedalling sensor, the Elops 900 E was designed for your comfort: the motor activates once you start pedalling, so you can ride without sweating!
And the battery? it is fitted with a charge indicator light and a lock with a key: remove it to charge it in your living room or at the office, and take it with you in your bag when you leave your bike outside!"

What is a low frame for?

"Easily mount your bike!
For more comfortable commutes, we offer a city bike with a low step through aluminium frame.
Why aluminium? As well as being lighter than steel, aluminium makes the frame stiffer: the drivetrain powered by the motor makes it more efficient.
Size M is suitable for cyclists measuring 1.55m to 1.75m, size L is for cyclists measuring 1.75m to 1.95m."


The electric city bike offers comfort and a getaway just outside your door! Even on cobblestone? Of course: with its non-adjustable, telescopic, suspension fork, your bike absorbs and filters vibrations on your route and softens shocks caused by the road's surface. Practical on cobblestones, pavement, and tramway rails...

Drivetrain:why have speeds on an electric bike?

"Your bike is equipped with a Shimano 7-speed derailleur controlled by a grip shifter to adapt to inclines, descents, and accelerating after a red light.
But why are there different speeds on an EAB? Céline, our designer, explains: ""Because it is still a bike, not a moped! So depending on your route, you may want to change speeds: electric bikes are more efficient and the battery loses charge slower."""


"For effective, safe braking, we equipped your bike with Tektro aluminium brake levers: they are lightweight and precise.
Your bike also has mechanical disc callipers on the front and rear wheels so that your brakes are powerful and progressive, even in the rain. "

An aluminium seat post and a comfortable seat:

"The aluminium seat post absorbs vibrations and the screw-in seat clamp collar limits the risk of theft. And the seat? This is our favourite part: after numerous tests, we chose this wide saddle whose foam padding has variable hardness to adapt to the pressure of your body in the saddle.
Why this one? Because it is by far the most comfortable!"

Tyres / wheels

"For comfortable city rides, we chose wide 28" wheels: a smooth rolling bike that can easily drive over small obstacles along the way. Not even cobblestones, sewer drains, potholes, or tramway rails can make you lose your balance! They are also equipped with reflective strips.
And the rim? They are double-walled for improved durability and have 36 spokes."

Accessories and fittings to make your journey easier:

"We added a couple of details to make your urban rides easier:
The pannier rack, which can hold a baby carrier, is compatible with attachment systems for self-locking panniers and the bike is already equipped with a bell
The aluminium stand on the rear wheel is designed to support the weight of an EAB.
The bike also has mudguards and a chain guard so that you can arrive at work spotless.
And of course, the bike comes with a charger."


"No need to pedal to light it up: power is supplied by a battery.
Your bike has a 20 lux LED light built into the frame, so that you can see 45 m ahead and be seen from 150 m behind.
The light is controlled on the handlebars, with the interface's screen. You're sure to be seen as it turns on as soon as you start the motor!"

How to care for your electric bike

"It's normal for tyres to lose pressure over time: bike inner tubes are slightly porous. Don't forget to check your tyre pressure regularly.
Riding with under-inflated tyres reduces your battery range, requires more pedalling effort, and increases the risk of punctures. Before performing any work on your electric bike (cleaning, electrical or mechanical maintenance), you must turn off your electric bike and remove the battery.

User weight

This electric bike (EAB) has been approved according to standard EN 15194 for a maximum weight of 125 kg (user and equipment such as: bags, baby seat, pannier, groceries,...)


L/XL.: 24.3 kg
S/M: 23.83 kg

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Composition / advice

Frame (for bike)
100.00% Aluminium 6061
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Our commitments

Guarantee : Lifetime warranty on the frame and handlebar. Two years for the electric elements and spare parts

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Elops 900 E Step Over Classic Electric Bike - Red
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