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B'TWIN 500 Single Speed City Bike - Orange


Colour : Fluo blood orange

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Dreamed up by urban cyclists, check out our fast, agile single speed city bike! A fixie look with the utilitarian functions of a city bike Our goal is to provide you with a good, affordable town bike that is easy to manoeuvre, fast, and fixie compatible (with flip-flop hub).
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We currently have limited capacity to build bikes in our warehouse. Due to this, we are limiting the number of bikes we sell per day. If you are unable to process your order at checkout, please return the following day to make your purchase.

Product benefits

Efficiency A fast, lightweight single speed bike, perfect for getting around town.
Directional control An agile bike with a narrow handlebar and short stem for threading through town.
Braking power Solid road bike brakes with pads so you can ride with peace of mind.
Stability Wide tyres and pedals with good grip for added safety.
Compatibility Flip-flop style hub allows it to be converted to a fixie with fixed gear+locknut
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Technical Information

Speed across town

Want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible? This single speed bike is made for you! Weighing only 11.6 kg, this bike is lightweight for getting around town quickly. It has a streamlined design, a stiff steel frame, and a 44x18 gear ratio that gives it the responsiveness you want. It is made with high quality components in order to give you a great cycling experience.

An agile bike

Thanks to its steel fork, the Single Speed 500 is great for absorbing shocks, which makes it ideal for going up and down pavements and other bumps and obstacles that one often finds around town. Its 520 mm aluminium handlebar provides the agility you need for threading your way through town, and its 60 mm alu stem gives it great responsiveness. It has a Fixie/BMX 18T freewheel with 30 clicks (instead of 20 for a standard freewheel), which gives it good acceleration and better balance.

Ride safely

The Speed 500 allows you to ride fast; it also has excellent brakes. Its road bike type brakes (calliper brakes) with pads increase the rigidity of the callipers to provide greater responsiveness and effective braking This bike has aluminium wheels, double-walled rims, and 30 TPI tyres made with a nylon protective layer that makes them highly resistant to punctures.

Want to switch to fixie?

Please note, this bike is sold as a single speed. Want to ride it as a fixie? No problem. It comes with a flip-flop compatible rear hub. To convert it to a fixie, simply purchase the fixed cog screw thread (standard, 24 TPI thread, 1.37" diameter) and the locknut (24 TPI, 1.29" diameter). Then turn the wheel.
These parts are available for purchase from our partner, AllTricks:

How to choose your bike size

The frame is made of steel and available in 4 sizes ranging from 1.50 m to 2 m. Please refer to the sizing guide at the top of the page to choose your bike size. Remember: This bike has been designed to be agile and responsive. If you're between two sizes, choose the smallest size for greater responsiveness, or one size up for greater comfort.


Sold with reflectors and lights that meet mandatory standards.
Sold without the built-in rear lights that can be seen on certain photos.
Compatible with: road bike mudguard and seat bag, bike lock (can be attached to two fasten points on the frame), universal stand that attaches to the bike's frame.

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Composition / advice

100.00% Steel
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Our commitments

Franklin, Melodie, Sebastien, Alexis, Jennifer, Jon, Camelia, Louis, Leo, Konstantin and many other testers!
Test Product Tested and validated by French, Chinese, Belgian, British, Dutch, German, Spanish, and Italian users! These bikes meet the ISO 4210 and GB standard for city bikes.
Guarantee : 2 Years

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