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APTONIA Eco-size Electrolyte Tablets 40 x 4 g - Lemon

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This price includes a recycling fee for electrical equipment and batteries DecathlonDeeeTaxMentionAfterPrice £56.19 /Kg Since

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Our team of sport fanatics developed this exclusive product to keep you hydrated and compensate mineral losses during workouts of less than 3 hours. Weight and bulk are your enemies. You do not need energy intake during your workout, which is why these sugar-free tablets, containing the two main electrolytes, are perfect.

Technical Information

How to prepare your drink.

Just dissolve 1 tablet in 500ml of water.
The tablets dissolve completely and quickly.
You can cut a tablet in two if the neck of your bottle/flask is too small.

When and how to take your drink.

Start your drink in the first minutes of the race, then drink in small quantities every 15 to 20 minutes. Drink 500 ml/hour.
If your workout lasts for more than 1 hour, it is important to consume gels and/or energy bars to make sure you keep going.

Composition, origin and regulation of electro-tabs - here are a few more details:

These electrolyte tablets are made in France.
The colour comes from natural ingredients and may change over time.What about the anti-doping regulations?
The product complies with anti-doping standard AFNOR NF V94-001 on the date of batch manufacturing.

What are the use restrictions?

Never exceed the recommended daily allowance and keep out of the reach of young children.
Excessive consumption may have laxative effects. As well as physical activity, it is important to eat a varied and balanced diet and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional table

Nutritional information:100g | 4g (=1 tablet)
Energy value: 834 kJ - 199 kcal | 33 kJ - 8 kcal
Fat: 0g | 0g
of which saturated fat: 0 g | 0 g
Carbohydrates: 33.7g | 1.35g
of which sugar: 1g | 0.039g
Proteins: 0g | 0g
Salt: 11.1g | 0.44g
Vitamin B1: 10.3mg (937.5%)* | 0.41mg (37.5%)*
Vitamin B2: 17.7mg (1267.5%)* | 0.71mg (50.7%)*
Vitamin B6: 13.1mg (937.5%)* | 0.53mg (37.5%)*
Vitamin B12: 23.4µg (937.5%)* | 0.94µg (37.5%)*
Vitamin C: 750mg (937.5%*) | 30mg (37.5% *)
Chloride: 1546.42mg (200%)* | 61.86mg (8%)*
Potassium: 1500mg (75%)* | 60.0mg (3%)*
Calcium: 1000mg (125%)* | 40.0mg (5%)*
Magnesium: 3515 mg (937.5)* | 140.6 mg (37.5%)*
*% of the Reference Daily Intake

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Composition / advice

Composition Effervescent tablets for drink containing electrolytes (sodium, magnesium). Rich in vitamins B1, B2, B12 and C. Lemon flavour. With sweetener, zero calorie. Ingredients: acidifying agent: citric acid; bulking agent: sorbitol; acidity corrector: sodium bicarbonate; magnesium oxide; potassium chloride; calcium carbonate; natural lemon flavour with other natural flavours; vitamins: B1, B2, B6, B12, C; sodium chloride; sweetener: sucralose.
Stock advice Store in a cool, dry place away from light. Close tightly after use.
Restricted use : Keep out of the reach of children.

Our commitments

Our Aptonia Electrolytes have been approved by our dietician and panel of testers.
Test Product All Aptonia products are tested at each stage of their development by our technical partners and by consumers in order to best meet their needs.

Product benefits

Easy hydration N These tablets contain no carbohydrates and therefore are not isotonic.
Energy values N Nutritional value: 8 kcal per 500 ml drink.
Fatigue reduction Y Vitamins B6 and B12 help reduce fatigue.
Antioxidant Y Vitamins B2 and C help protect cells from oxidative stress
Ease of use Y 1 tablet for preparing 500ml of sports drink at any time.
Easy transport Y With their low weight and compact design.
Composition Contains 2 electrolytes: sodium and magnesium.
Natural flavouring.

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