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APTONIA Double Use Bottle 550ml Black

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Our dedicated team designed this product to enable you to carry your water and your energy drink with you in just one bottle, whatever your sport! No more sessions where the athlete wants energy and only has water, or wants a fresh drink and only has a sports drink.

Technical Information

We present the Double Use bottle to you, with info on about its size, weight, and maintenance

"Your 550 ml Double Use Bottle is 22 cm long and weighs 130 g. And what about the 700 ml version? It's 26 cm long and weighs 145 g.
Both versions are designed to fit any bottle holder or hiking backpack :)
And, as the main container's only for water, it's easy to clean! To clean your bottle, you can rinse it with warm water in the 3 different adjustment settings, or put it in the dishwasher."

How to use your Double Use bottle

"The great advantage of the Double Use is that you can carrytake your water and your sports drink with you in just one bottle. Here's how it works:
1. Screw on the syrup bag
2. Turn the cap base to unlock the bottle
3. Adjust your drink intensity by positioning the orange line on the desired level: 1 = low, 2 = moderate, 3 = strong.
4. Take your bottle with you when you go out training.
5. Switch from syrup mode to water mode just by pulling the drinking spout!"

How do the Double Use syrup bags work? Here's the story:

"The pure syrup in the bag allows you to reconstitute 550 ml of isotonic drink in position 3 (with rfesh water at 12.5 °C).
It can't be refilled, but you can close it and drink it within one week.
The bag is manufactured using standard, strict manufacturing processes that ensure there is no contamination in the context of normal use.
What if you run out of syrup bags? You can use the Double Use bottle as a standard drinking bottle

The Double Use bottle, a whole story:

The idea for the Double Use came from product engineer Pascal, and our search for innovation: It's a bit like a 4-colour pen: you can switch flavours without changing bottles.
After 2 years of 3D design, models, tests, 8 extra people on the project and an unbelievable number of prototypes, we're proud to present you a bottle that can carry 2 beverages at a time.
How? Just by pulling the valve: A white line appears, indicating that you're in "water" mode.

How to use your Double Use bottle during sports?

"In order to store 2 beverages in one bottle, you need to use both hands to screw the bottle cap and dose the sports drink.
So, if you're going to use the Double Use bottle when cycling, we recommend that you adjust the intensity of the sports drink when you come to a stop.
You can, however, switch between drinks while you're on the go. When you're training, all you have to do is pull the valve to switch back to "water" position. That way, there's no risk of stains or sticky sugar!"

One last tip before going out to train?

"There are so many unknown factors during a race. The Double Use gives you adapatability: when you're hitting the wall on a section of the race (sport position), or conversely when you find the drink too sweet (water position)."
To make sure the water and syrup mix together properly inside the valve, press your bottle hard!
And the last thing?
"Drink up that last drop, and leave the spout in water position when you're not using it during the race, to prevent any sugary splashes"

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Composition / advice

100.00% Polyethylene Low Density (LDPE)
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
100.00% Silicon
On/Off System
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
Air Chamber
05.00% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS), 95.00% Polypropylene (PP)
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
Tube/Valve Connector
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
Stop discs
100.00% Polypropylene (PP)
100.00% Silicon

Our commitments

Product benefits

Versatility Y Switch between sports drink and water w/one bottle by pulling the valve.
Ease of use Y You can easily add your syrup bag: just screw it onto the cap.
Easy maintenance Y Rinse the cap and bottle with warm water, or put in the dishwasher.
Adjustable Y 3 positions to adjust the sugar intensity of your drink before training.
Easy opening / closing Y Transport yor bottle safely: you can lock it.
Compatibility Y Carry it: Designed to fit any bottle holder or hiking backpack.
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