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Waterproof & breathable with mesh lining.

CR100+ M Jacket, Black.

Designed for OCCASIONAL coastal sailing, to protect wearer from the rain, wind and sea spray. This breathable jacket will keep you dry! Its lightness and design will make you forget you’re wearing it, even in wet/windy conditions.

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Reference : 8051721
What is waterproofing? It’s the fabric’s resistance to water penetration. It is measured by performing protocol water resistance test. Knowing that the average rain water pressure varies between 1000mm and 2000mm, a fabric can be considered to be waterproof from 2000mm. Our products resist to pressure ranging from 2000 to 10000mm. They are therefore very waterproof in all weather conditions even the most extreme with our products from the 900 range.
What is the waterproof test called the rain room test? It is a protocol test where a garment is placed in rain room reproducing different climatic conditions. All our products are validated 100% waterproof after a test of over 4h of heavy simulated rain ranging 100L/H/m² to 450L/H/m² depending on product usage. To put things into perspective, the heavy rain world record is 174L/H/m² over 4h30 in the USA, which has been unequalled since 1942 (National oceanic & atmospheric administration, USDC). When it rains in Paris, there is an average of 2L/H/m².
What is waterproof or taped seam? These are seams that are waterproof due to thermo-sealed waterproof tape. Affixed behind the seams, they are indispensable for waterproofing garments to prevent water penetration by capillary action (water passing through stitching holes and/or by thread absorption).
What is a waterproof and breathable HYDROPHILIC membrane? The membrane works in stages to wick away perspiration. Firstly, the fabric fills up with moisture to saturation point, and then transfers moisture outside due the difference in pressure inside jacket and the outside. The major benefit of the hydrophilic membrane is that it does not contain pores; it is therefore not necessary to rinse abundantly to wash out the crystals coming from salt water. Breathability is therefore constant over time.
What is hydrolysis? Hydrolysis is the effect altering any kind of membrane or standard coating by the action of salt from seawater and spray. All Tribord membranes and coatings are technologically enhanced to prevent the effects of hydrolysis, ensuring their properties are durably maintained. They do not delaminate and remain durably waterproof and breathable.
What is the water repellent effect? It is the result obtained from applying hydrophobic water repellent treatment to fabric. This process prevents water remaining on the fabric’s surface therefore reducing its ability to absorb water. When you add the idea of movement, water can then slide off the fabric. This characterizes the effects of water repellent effect. Due to this process, what does not seep through the fabric and the garment remains therefore lightweight and is quick-drying.
What is product breathability and the RET index it measures? The fabric’s breathability corresponds to its ability to transfer body moisture (perspiration). It can be measured thanks to the RET index (Resistance Evaporative Transfer). RET is a resistance index. The lower it is, the more breathable your outfit is. RET between 6 and 12: very breathable; RET between 12 & 20: breathable; a RET above 20: non-breathable. Our products are very breathable with a RET between 7.2 and 12.
Why do we use RET (resistance evaporative transfer) as the index to measure the breathability of our materials rather the MVTR (moisture vapour transmission rate)? The MVTR quantifies the amount of moisture that passes through a fabric over a long period. We do not use it because it is not useful to know that a jacket is capable of transferring 20l of moisture in 24h. This is not realistic given that we do not perspire in linear way over such a period of time. However, the RET, which measures the fabric’s instant resistance to moisture passing through, is much more realistic especially when intensely fighting to beat down a spi.
Why is a windproof product important? It is very important to protect yourself from the wind when active or resting, because it greatly contributes to body cooling. According to the 'Windchill' model that measures the felt air temperature under the influence of wind and cold: at a temperature of 5°C combined with a 30km/h wind, the felt air temperature will be 0°C. If the air temperature is at 0°C and wind speed at 30Km/h, the felt air temperature will be -6°C. The material used in our products prevents the effects of windchill.
Guarantee : 2 Years