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APTONIA Coated Cereal Bar 6 x 30 g - chocolate banana


Flavour : Chocolate / Banana

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Our team of enthusiasts designed this enjoyable cereal bar for eating during running or cycling training sessions lasting less than 3 hours. Looking for a high-quality cereal bar for sports? Before, during and after your training sessions, treat yourself to a bar without palm oil and with fewer ingredients to fill up your energy reserves.

Product benefits

Energy values Provides 133kcal to 138kcal depending on the flavour (see nut. value below).
Easy opening / closing With the Clak system, rather than being a pain, opening the bar is really quick.
Easy transport You can easily store it in your pockets.
Composition This product does not contain any palm oil.

Technical Information

A new recipe that has taken into consideration your comments:

To start, we would like to offer you a bar that tastes less sweet: this was achieved by replacing the glucose syrup with rice syrup and reducing the layer of chocolate.
Then, we removed all the additives and ingredients that do not have any added value and that sometimes have negative connotations. Some examples? We removed the sorbitol, aromatic caramel and the sugar esters of fatty acids, and above all: no more palm oil!

Anne-Sophie, product manager at Aptonia, talked to us about the objective to offer more healthy and responsible products

"When you look at the recipe of the products, there are many ingredients which are not used when cooking. The idea is to create products that resemble home-cooked food as closely as possible. Naturally, when we produce sports food, some of the additives are compulsory, but we know what we are adding and why. We wanted a product that was tasty but better suited to sports use. And above all, as part of our genuine commitment to be environmentally responsible we wanted to stop using palm oil."

What does it mean to have a recipe that is tightly controlled?

So that we know what we are adding and why! For example, the tocopherol extract that is present in very low quantities (< 0.05%), which was added following the replacement of the palm oil by the sunflower oil, to prevent the latter from oxidising and making the products taste rancid. What's more, tocopherol is a natural plant-based extract that is high in vitamin E.

A new formula inside... and outside!

In addition to a new more healthy recipe without palm oil that is still tasty, your cereal bars are now offered in a more practical and more compact format: the packet contains 6 bars instead of 5. And in order to make it easier to use, we changed the individual packaging of the cereal bars with our supplier. The result is a product that is more simple and more intuitive to open!

There is quite a story behind the taste of coated cereal bars.

"Why create a new recipe? For a more healthy, more eco-friendly product that fulfils your requirements and your sport, whether it is a bike pannier or water bladder. So, our design team studied a new formula. With the following challenge: enhancing the value with better products.
And as all the tastes are in nature, we tested our recipes on 400 people!
The resulting bar is more healthy, does not use palm oil and is still tasty!"

Anne-Sophie, product manager, and Clara, dialogue manager, give you their advice… and their favourite products:

"This is a bar for low to moderate intensity training sessions. We wanted a product that was made for sports but tasty at the same time. Practising a sport does not mean we are not allowed to treat ourselves! I love taking one before or after training… and sometimes even as part of a snack."
"It's still a coated bar. To prevent it from melting, it's better to put it in your pannier or hydration pack."
And to finish? "I am particularly fond of the dark chocolate and peanut recipe!"

Here are all the details you need about the origin and composition of these bars:

"Our decisions regarding the choice of ingredients go far beyond the regulatory requirements. We're gradually getting rid of additives as much as possible. In our approach to selecting ingredients and additives, we're taking an interest in ethical, environmental and health issues. We also want to simplify our recipes and are gradually moving in this direction."
These bars are made in Spain.

Nutritional table

Nutritional values: 100g | 30g (=1 bar)
Energy Value: 1864 kJ - 444 kcal | 559 kJ - 133 kcal
Fat: 17 g | 5.1 g
of which fatty acids: 9.2 g | 2.8 g
Carbohydrates: 65g | 20g
of which sugar: 33g | 9.9g
Dietary fibres: 3.9 g | 1.2 g
Protein: 5.8g | 1.7g
Salt: 0.20g | 0.06g

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Composition / advice

Composition Cereal bar coated with milk chocolate and banana. Ingredients: cereals 32% (oat flakes*, wheat flour*, rice flour), milk chocolate 30% (sugar, cocoa butter, powdered whole milk, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya and sunflower lecithin, vanilla extract), rice syrup, dehydrated banana 3%, sunflower oil, banana 1.3%, sugar, dextrose, cocoa oil, natural flavouring, salt, emulsifier: SOYA lecithins, antioxidant: tocopherol-rich extract. * CONTAINS GLUTEN. May contain traces of SULPHITES, PEANUTS and NUTS. The cereals, milk chocolate, banana and dehydrated banana are not sourced in Spain.
Stock advice Your bar is coated with chocolate! That's why we recommend that you store it in a cool, dry place.
Restricted use : .

Our commitments

Test Product The coated energy cereal bar range was developed in the Aptonia design laboratory. 30 testers (perhaps including you) were invited to taste each flavour during workout... So if this gel is available, it's because you loved it!

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