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Skiing with a good balance manoeuvrability/grip.

  • 35 - Hiking - Classic Skin Ski XC S 150 INOVIK
  • 35 - Hiking - Classic Skin Ski XC S 150 INOVIK
  • 35 - Hiking - Classic Skin Ski XC S 150 INOVIK
  • 35 - Hiking - Classic Skin Ski XC S 150 INOVIK
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35 - Hiking

INOVIK Classic Cross-Country Skin Ski 150 + Basic Auto Bindings Rottefella

Do you want to start classic cross-country skiing? We designed these skin skis with good grip and stability for beginners. Thanks to its wide construction, medium camber and mixed skins (70% mohair), the 150 ski is stable, while delivering a good combination of handling and edge grip.

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1 - The 150 classic cross-country SKIN ski – the ski for beginners!

You are a beginner and want to discover classic cross-country skiing, mostly for recreation: walk/glide to observe nature and recharge your batteries without making too much of a physical effort?
So, the 150 skin ski is perfectly suited to your needs.
It is a wide, stable and manoeuvrable ski with good edge grip for easily learning and discovering the joys of classic cross-country skiing!

2 - Choosing the right SIZE

The size of a cross-country ski is chosen according to your level of ability and weight rather than your height.
For 150 skin SKI:
- 50 to 60 kg => 182 or 185 cm
- 60 to 75 kg => 192 or 195 cm
- 80 to 95 kg => 200 or 202 cm
- more than 90 kg = 205 or 207 cm
If you are between two sizes:
- For more comfort, choose the lower size to ensure the ski is more manoeuvrable.
- For more intense use = choose the larger size.

3 - SKI SKIN grip – simple!

The grip of a cross-country ski corresponds to the area located in the centre of the base (underside of the ski).This provides the "grip" needed to avoid slipping in uphill sections while delivering smooth glide performance on flat or descending terrain.There are 3 systems: fish scales, grip wax or skins.
The 150 ski is equipped with a mixed skin grip.
The ski skins provide the same quality of grip as fish scale bases but they have the advantage of not making any noise and not requiring waxing!

4 - BASIC auto bindings – simplicity at the end of the feet!

All of our skis are sold with Rottefella bindings that are compatible with the NNN, Prolink and Turnamic standards.
The 150 skin skis are equipped with the Rottefella BASIC AUTO bindings – perfect for beginner skiers.
It is easy to use thanks to its "step-in" function that allows you to automatically get your skis on by simply pressing down at the forefoot, and remove your skis by pressing the button at the front using the tip of your cross-country ski pole.

5 - Waxing, the secret to durability

When buying the skis, prepare the base so that it has optimal glide performance. Wax it several times consecutively so that the base is properly "nourished".
To maintain the performance of your skis, don't forget to wax them regularly!
To wax your skis, check out our tutorials on our Inovik YouTube channel or make an appointment in your Decathlon workshop.

GLOSSARY = Construction of a ski

Our skis are designed using a "sandwich" process: by layering different materials in the core of the ski and across its entire width.
The final product is assembled with a press.
CORE = the centre of the ski: wooden (solid or with channels) or composite (honeycomb or Nomex®)
BASE = Part in contact with snow: it is made of sintered or extruded high density polyethylene (HDPE).
GRIP = grip area under the ski
SIDECUTS = width of a ski at the nose, waist and tail

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Main part
05.00% Stainless steel, 15.00% Polyoxymethylene (POM), 20.00% Polyethylene High Density (HDPE), 40.00% Glass - Fiber (FG), 20.00% Cellulose
Stock advice At the end of the season, it is advisable to wax your skis and store them indoors, if possible in a bag to protect them.
Restricted use : Compatible with standard boots: NNN, Prolink and Turnamic.


Test Product All our products are tested in the field in real conditions by our panel of professional testers: instructors and coaches as well as regular cross-country skiers. Our skis are also subjected to laboratory tests: resistance, torsion, glide and camber.
Guarantee : 2 Years