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Easy to insert under the binding.

  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
  • 04 - Snowboard - Carving Booster WED'ZE
Reference : 8551575
04 - Snowboard

WED'ZE Snowboard Binding Extension Plate, Carving Booster - Black.

Fed up of your feet sticking out over the snowboard and causing you to fall? We have designed this extension plate for you. 2 carving boosters sold with 8 large screws and 2 screw guides, simply insert under your Wed'ze binding ... and the stress of touching toes or heels is gone :-)

Unfortunately, this product is no longer available



_ unscrew your bindings from your board, and set aside your short screws
_ position the screw guide on the 4 holes where you want to fix your binding
_ place and hold the carving booster under your binding
_ position the disc with the angle you want
_ holding the disc, the binding and the carving booster, carefully position the whole assembly above the guide
_ position the 4 screws with their washers and tighten as much as you can.

Why isn’t this extension plate compatible with all bindings on the market?

The length of the screws!
Not all bindings have the same thickness. A few millimetres off, and it can be a disaster:
_ disc too thick: you won’t be able to catch the screw thread
_ disc too thin: you’ll screw beyond the thread and bow the underside of your sole irreversibly.
By adjusting the carving booster to our new binding, by delivering it with the right length of screw and their guide, we eliminate all risks to your board.

Why it is so important to have the guide for the screws?

This guide has 2 functions:
_ given the length of the screws, they need a guide so that they don’t run off to the side, or are stressed other than in the Z axis,
_ but also to limit their tightening. The fact that the disc no longer touches the board means it deforms and we no longer have a tightening limit. So we need to have a height blocker, adapted to the length of the screws, as well as the thickness of the disc and the depth of the inserts.


33.00% Stainless steel, 67.00% Polyamide 6 (PA6)
Restricted use : compatible only with Snb 100 / All Road 500 bindings
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. You may exceed the technical capacities of this product if you use it for any other purpose. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, back protector and protective shorts to enjoy your sport to the full.


Guarantee : 2 Years