Camping reimagined by Decathlon

Camping reimagined by Decathlon

Discover a new era of camping with Decathlon. Our dedicated camping and bivouac teams near Mont-Blanc go off the beaten path to meet your daily needs. Whether you're hiking, climbing, or simply enjoying nature, our goal is to provide unforgettable experiences for everyone. From meticulous observation to rigorous field testing, our design teams follow five key steps to create the perfect tent for your adventures. Are you ready to join the adventure?


Camping reimagined by Decathlon

We want to start your journey right by understanding your needs

Our tent product managers start by observing your habits and listening to your desires. Understanding your motivations and paying attention to every detail ensures our tents meet your expectations. Some models are co-developed alongside our enthusiastic customers.

The initial tent design

Informed by thorough observations, our designers translate their insights into tangible designs. Each tent's size, volume, weight, compactness, and components are meticulously tailored to suit various sports and camper preferences.
From inception, eco-design principles guide our process. We prioritise solutions with minimal environmental impact, ensuring that our technical gear stands the test of time. Additionally, we embed reparability into our design ethos, facilitating easy access to common spare parts to extend the lifespan of our products.

2D design process of a tent
3D design process of a tent
Camping reimagined by Decathlon

And then, the tent springs to life

After meticulous planning, the tent takes form during the prototyping phase in our workshops.
Recall those initial sketches by the designers? Prototypiste use them as blueprints to sculpt the tent's structure, ensuring feasibility and exploring various assembly methods.
The initial prototype rarely matches the final product. With iterations often reaching one, two, or even three versions, we persist until we achieve the perfect final rendition.

Weather testing of a tent

Testing begins here

After the prototype receives approval from our design teams, it undergoes rigorous laboratory and field testing.
These tests guarantee that the equipment fulfils all the sport-specific requirements, including durability over time, ease of assembly, waterproofing, and wind resistance. Our testers meticulously assess and approve these tents to ensure their quality and reliability.

Our commitments

Camping reimagined by Decathlon
Waterproofing pocto


Laboratory-tested under tropical rain | Shower test: 200 L of water per hour per m².

Wind resistance picto

Wind resistance

Wind tunnel tested and withstands at least a force 5 wind (40km/h)

Repairable picto


Spare parts available for all tents

Two gi


Your tent awaits! Once it gets approval from our testers and design team, it's all set for your adventures.
Now available in stores, ready to accompany you on all your journeys!
But rest assured, we don't just release it into the wild without a second thought. We meticulously analyse all your reviews to gather feedback, which we use to enhance our future products.


Our technologies

Camping reimagined by Decathlon
Camping reimagined by Decathlon

Fresh & Black Technology

Escape to a new level of comfort with our innovative Fresh & Black Technology. While Fresh Technology ensures optimal airflow, Black Technology keeps light out for a restful sleep.

Camping reimagined by Decathlon

Air seconds

Say goodbye to hassle with our rapid inflation system. Our all-in-one inflatable pole structure makes setup and takedown a breeze, offering spacious accommodations for a home-away-from-home experience.

Camping reimagined by Decathlon

2 Seconds easy

Experience convenience like never before with our 2-second setup innovation. Instant pitching and folding allow you to spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

Top products

Camping reimagined by Decathlon

Take care of the things you love

You and your equipment make a great team. To keep things that way you can easily service and repair them using our tutorials, hacks and tricks. That way, the story you write together will continue on and on.