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Save money and trade in your old gear with buy back.

Rental | Decathlon

Got old gear picking up dust in the garage?

Trade in your old sports equipment with BuyBack and we’ll exchange your pre-loved items for gift cards. We’ll then find your old gear a Second Life. This means one less product needs to be made and one less goes to waste.

A small but significant step towards us all consuming in a more sustainable way.

Watch this space as we expand quickly across the entire Decathlon range.

It's simple to use

  • Rental | Decathlon

    Get a quote in minutes

    Answer a few questions to get an estimate value on your product before booking an in-store appointment.

  • Rental | Decathlon

    In-store confirmation

    Take your bike to our Workshop, where one of our Teammates will perform some checks to confirm the quote reflects your bike’s condition.

  • Rental | Decathlon

    Receive your Gift Card

    Save money on your next sporty purchase and give your bike a Second Life.

Why trade-in?

Buy Back | Decathlon
It´s hassle free. Get a quote in minutes

All you need to do is answer a few questions online about your product to get a price. And then book an appointment with our in-store workshop to evaluate and exchange for a gift card.
Buy Back | Decathlon
Save towards your next sporty purchase

Looking to try out a new sport and have old equipment gathering dust? Or have your kids outgrown their old bike? When you trade-in with Buyback, you’ll get a gift card you can use towards your next big buy.
Buy Back | Decathlon
Give your old gear a Second Life

With Buyback, our Workshop Teammates will refurbish and repair your old gear and sell it in our Second Life marketplace. This means one less product goes to waste and one less product gets made. A small but significant step towards consuming in a more sustainable way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Decathlon Buyback service?

Decathlon Buyback is an easy and convenient service where you can sell your used or unwanted Decathlon items back to us. Our goal is to make the process quick, fast, and easy, while giving you the best price for your item.

Why does Decathlon offer Buyback?

At Decathlon, we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the customer experience. By offering a Buyback service, Decathlon can further support new sustainability initiatives and as well as provide great lower-priced products to customers.

Who can use Decathlon Buyback?

We only offer Decathlon Buyback to My Decathlon account holders. If you do not have an account yet, you can get one by registering

What items do you Buy back?

Currently, we are offering Buyback on a range of products. We plan to expand to other products in the near future. If you cannot find your item, it is likely we are not currently buying it.

How do I get a quote for my item?

Simply follow the “Get a Quote Today” button on the home page and answer a few simple questions.. Your quote will be provided there and then, and you'll also receive an email with your quote that is valid for 14 days. You will then need to come to a store for a final valuation.

What information will I need to get a quote?

We need to know the make and model of your item. There are a number of ways to find this.  The item may have a barcode on it with a reference number, or you may still have a receipt with the details on it, or you can use our simple online product identifier.

What happens during the final valuation process?

Our technicians will check your item, using the information you provided and confirm the final quote. During this process, they will check for wearable parts that need to be replaced.  There are some parts we check and replace that may not appear to need replacing. This is part of Decathlon standard Tolerance checks.

If necessary, the quote will be adjusted, and you will have the option to continue with the Buyback process or not.

Please make sure your item is as clean as possible so everything can be checked quickly and easily. If the item is too dirty, we may not be able to give you a final quote

What if my item's condition differs from the initial valuation?

To ensure the accuracy of your quote, please be as accurate as possible when describing your item. If the condition of your item is different from the information provided during the initial valuation, the quote will be adjusted, and you will have the option to continue with the Buyback process.

Do I need to come to a store with my item?

Yes, we need to do a final valuation inspection.

Do I need to make an appointment to bring in my item?

Yes. Please use the link in the email we sent you with your initial quote. Currently, we are not able to offer any “Walk-In” appointments.

How long is my Buyback quote valid for?

Your quote will be valid for 14 days. You can book your appointment in-store within this time and finalise your quote. If you do not come to a store within 14 days, your quote will expire and you will need to do another.

How do I get paid for my item?

We add a credit to your My Decathlon Account, which can then be spent online or instore.  The credit should be available almost immediately. The credit lasts for 24 months from the date it is added to your account. No cash alternatives are available.

What happens to the items Decathlon buys back?

After you have handed over your bike and credit has been provided by RMX, Decathlon maintains possession of the products in order to conduct any necessary repairs & refurbish the items before they are sold as Second Life on our website.

Please refer to our terms of supply for details

Where can I buy Second Life items?

You can find all Second Life items here