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Skateboarding Tips for Beginners

Skateboarding can seem like a tricky path to navigate. This guide will set you up with essential tips to help you build your skating confidence.

At first, skateboarding can seem intimidating, but with the right tips and guidance, anyone can learn to skateboard. In this blog, we will be discussing some essential tips to help beginners start their skateboarding journey.

Safety First

Skateboarding can be a fun and thrilling sport, but it can also be quite dangerous. That's why you need to make sure you have all the right safety gear to help you skate safely. You cannot compromise on safety no matter what level you’re at; that's why we've put together the top 3 essential safety gear you need to ensure you feel confident and protected while on your skateboard.

  • Man fixing his helmet strap

    Skateboarding Helmets

    Protect yourself from head injuries and damage caused by trauma to your skull with one of our skateboarding helmets. Expertly made and designed to protect your head whilst you skate. Make sure you use one that fits you well, not too big-not too small.

  • A close up of a knee pad

    Knee Pads

    Trips and falls are bound to happen, especially when you're a beginner who is still trying to build your balance and find your rhythm, so why not minimise scrapes and bruises with a sturdy pair of protective knee pads?

  • Man adjusting his elbow pads

    Elbow Pads

    Sometimes you land on your feet, and sometimes, you find yourself on the ground; however you land, ensure you're protected. For the unfortunate times you find yourself on the ground, make sure your elbows don't take the hit by wearing elbow pads.

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Skateboarding: Getting Started

First and foremost, you’ll need the right skateboard in order for you to skateboard successfully and safely. As a beginner you don’t need to buy the most expensive skateboard, just make sure you pick a good quality skateboard that can support you and aid in your learning and improvement.

Check out our awesome selection of skateboards to find your perfect match. 

Key Things You Need To Consider When Buying A Skateboard:

Here are a few key things you need to consider when buying a skateboard:

Teenager and young boy skating at a skate park
Teenager and younger boy hanging out with their skateboards on a skate ramp

Suits your height

This will ensure that you can ride comfortably and you’re well supported when it comes to balancing and turning your skateboard. Usually the taller you are, the longer your skateboard should be.

Teenager and young boy doing tricks at a skate park

Can support your weight

This will ensure your skateboard can support any pressure or tension from your body, it’s also vital for avoiding the chances of splitting and breaking your board which can cause serious injury.

Teenager and young boy practising at a skate park

Fits your shoe size

Having a good grip of the deck is very important, especially for balancing, making smooth turns and when the time comes to learn tricks, you’ll want to have a good grip and control of the board to make successful flips and tricks.

Learning The Basics

As a beginner, it's important that you have patience and not rush into things like performing tricks and flips before you're absolutely sure you've mastered the basics and are confident with controlling your speed, stopping and turning. You'll also want to stick to moving in a straight line on a flat surface before exploring more challenging terrains. 

Now that you've chosen the perfect board, it’s time to learn the basics:

  • A close of feet and skateboard with the right leg on the board and left leg on the ground


    Whilst keeping your front foot on the board, try to push the skateboard forward with your backfoot. Start by going in a straight line first, try to do this slowly and as smoothly as possible until you feel more comfortable going at a faster speed. Don’t try to rush or speed off as this may cause you to lose your balance and may result in injury. 

  • A close of feet and skateboard with both legs on the board


    Once you feel that you can push forward confidently, try to shift your weight in the direction you want to go in and turn using your heels and toes to steer the board. Again, try this out slowly and avoid making fast or sharp turns until you’re comfortable and confident enough to do so.

  • A close of feet and skateboard with the left on the ground


    Possibly one of the most important things to learn when skateboarding is how to stop safely. To stop your skateboard you’ll need to drag your backfoot on the ground until you’ve got enough grip to stop fully. You’ll want to avoid stopping abruptly (unless you need to do so) as this may cause you to fly off your board and possibly injure yourself. 

A man and two kids wearing protective skate gear

Keep Practising And Have Fun!

Practice is key when it comes to any sport, so make sure you set yourself some time aside to learn and practise your skills, and over time you should be able to see improvements. Remember to take it slow, have patience, wear your protective gear and enjoy the ride!

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