How to Execute the Perfect Knee Bend

Also known as 'knee up', this possible exercise is performed with a stepper.

Man performing a knee up

How does it work?

The move targets your legs, knee, and builds core strength and flexibility. They also improve your balance, coordination, and agility. 

How to do it?

• Start by standing side onto the stepper.
• Step up onto the stepper with your right foot.
• Lift your left leg and fold at the knee.
• Straighten your left leg then fold again. Keep the weight on your right foot.
• Bring the left foot down. Make sure only the front of your shoe touches the floor. Repeat the bends 10 times.
• Do the same again with the pressure on your left foot. Again repeat 10 times. With each rep, try to increase the pace and make it as rhythmic as possible.

How many sets?

3 mins exercise with 3 repetitions without stopping followed by 30 seconds of rest.