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How to Choose Your Diving Mask?

Your diving mask is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your diving kit. But what kind of mask should you choose?

Choosing your mask: Snorkeling VS Scuba Diving VS Spearfishing

1. What Mask For What Type Of Diving

Choosing A Snorkeling Mask

If you’re planning on snorkeling (i.e. with diving fins, diving mask and snorkeling tube), choose a diving mask with a large field of vision, so you can enjoy your underwater experience to the max!

Choosing A Spearfishing/Freediving Mask

For spearfishing or freediving, opt for a smaller mask to reduce the risk of ‘mask squeeze’.

Choosing A Scuba Mask

Finally, for scuba diving, we’d recommend choosing a single-window or two-window mask that doesn’t cover the nose to facilitate decompression at the end of the dive.

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Choosing A Snorkeling Mask

Are you a fan of snorkeling? Specially designed by Subea for underwater swimming, the Easybreath mask is ideal for snorkeling excursions thanks to its innovative shape, which allows divers to breathe through both the mouth and the nose. What’s more, the Easybreath mask’s large single-window lens guarantees great visibility as well as being fog-resistant, so you can enjoy all the stunning views snorkeling has to offer. Attention: the Easybreath mask is designed for snorkeling and surface swimming. Not appropriate for underwater use.

The Easybreath’s mask impressive field of vision allows you to clearly see underwater from surface level, while allowing divers the ability to switch easily between nasal and mouth breathing thanks to its leak-proof breathing tube. Simple and easy to use, the Easybreath mask is ideal for children aged 10 and upward, as well as beginner snorkelers and swimmers lacking in confidence. It’s also a good choice for those who have difficulty breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.