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WEDZE Men And Women's On-piste And Freeride Snowboard, Bullwhip 700 Dreamscape

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Designed for expert snowboarders in search of a powerful and dynamic board for on-piste use. This Wed’ze freeride snowboard offers superior buoyancy on powder. Its standard camber and rigid torsion gives optimum traction at full speed.
  • Long tip, nose, rocker and 35mm setback for floating on powder
  • Non-wide for greater edge to edge dynamism
  • Excellent traction at high speed

Technical Information

A word from the product manager

The Dreamscape board is a powerful weapon on and off-piste. Don't underestimate it! It is quite physical and technical. Once you're aware of this, you can glide very fast while remaining in full control.
We are very proud of our 2018 "Top of the POP" title, awarded by SnowSurf magazine. Thank you.


The Dreamscape is particularly suited to 2 types of terrain:
- groomed slopes and wide carved turns: thanks to its turn radius, its directional shape, its rigid flex and above all its stiff torsional flex, it offers excellent traction,
- off-piste: with its big front rocker and large setback (35 mm), it has everything you need to float on powder.

Directional Snowboard

The board has a directional shape; in other words, the board has a distinct tip and tail. It is not symmetrical; the tail of the board is slightly narrower than the tip; the bindings as well as the contact points with the snow are slightly setback.
A directional shape offers improved grip when cornering, better trajectory management and better acceleration when exiting a turn.

Standard camber + rocker

It retains all the advantages of the standard camber (thanks to the elasticity of the board, a standard camber acts like a spring to help grip all snow surfaces, providing dynamism during edge-to-edge transitions and enhanced acceleration when exiting a corner) combined with the advantages of a rocker (under pressure, the contact points between board and snow, are closer together and the board is easier to handle). The rocker elongates and raises the nose so that it can glide better over powder.

Medium, versatile flex

Flex refers to the rigidity of the board from front to back.
The Dreamscape has a flex rating of about 3/5, which is not quite as stiff as its torsion. This is deliberate, because you do need a little tolerance when exiting a turn. It means you can be a little late for the next turn.

Stiff, powerful torsional flex

The torsion is the torsional flex of the board between the feet.
The Dreamscape has a stiff, powerful torsional flex of about 4/5. It offers plenty of traction and support in turns, even on very hard snow and at full speed.
On the other hand, the Dreamscape is a very physical board: you need strong muscles to steer it, especially if riding for a whole day.

35 mm setback

A setback stance is when the contact points between the board and the snow are asymmetrically positioned in relation to the centre and set back towards the rear of the board. The bindings are also set back towards the rear by the same distance.
35 mm: significant setback for freeride directional boards. This helps with the lift, as the weight is on the back of the board. The front naturally lifts up and powder enters under the board. It also relieves pressure on the back leg.

Technical information

Size 160 cm
Front width 297 mm. Centre 251 mm. Rear 289 mm.
Radius 10 m (160 cm).
Effective edge 1,170 mm.
No. of inserts: 10 + 10 (3 possible positions per binding/20 mm between each).
Recommended stance: 560 mm.

Recommended bindings

2 possible choices:
_ The Illusion 700 binding is an efficient traditional snowboard binding that allows you to benefit fully from the Dreamscape's capacity to tackle slopes, carving and off-piste runs.
_ for those with a size 11 feet or above, the All Road 500 binding is compatible with the Carving booster and will be more suitable. The carving booster is a booster pad that enables large feet to take carved turns without the feet touching the snow.

When should I wax my snowboard?

Wed'ze boards are supplied factory-waxed. They are ready to ride.
But they will then need regular maintenance just like any other snowboard or pair of skis: ideally, wax every 5 outings and a minimum of once a year: :
- either at the beginning of the season so you start with a very good glide
- or at the end of the season so the wax can penetrate and protect the base throughout the summer

What size Dreamscape should I get?

Normally, for Freeriding, you choose quite a long board: about -10 to -15 cm (e.g. someone measuring 1 m 74 should use a board between 164 and 159 cm in length).
Shorter snowboards are easier to ride. Longer boards provide greater stability at high speeds.
NOTE: because of the Rocker, the 160 cm board is the equivalent of a 157 cm board, and the 166 cm board is the equivalent of a 163 cm board.
160 cm (60-90 kg) => from 1.69 m to 1.77 m
166 cm (75-110 kg) => from 1.75 m to 1.85 m

Glide quality: sintered base

The base is made from polyethylene using 2 different processes:
- extruded base, with a specific density of polyethylene
- a sintered base, with a higher density of polyethylene (fewer holes, more PE)
A sintered base is the Rolls-Royce of bases. Fantastic glide quality.

What is a Wide snowboard?

A "Wide" board is a board that is wider than usual to prevent larger feet from touching the snow when executing a hard turn and stop you from falling.
Riders with size 10 feet and above are advised to use a "Wide" board.
A "Wide" board is measured width-wise, across the centre .At Decathlon, we define this as follows:
- up to 254mm : normal board/shoe size 3 to 8.5
- from 255 mm to 264 mm: Mid Wide/shoe size 7 to 10.5
- from 265 mm: Wide/shoe size 8.5 to 13

0% Park: can I perform jumps with this board?

0% Park just means that the technical features of this snowboard are not designed for freestyle riding: the board is neither short nor symmetrical from front to back, making it possible to perform all freestyle movements (rotations, jumps with a switch landing etc.) but it's not really the best board.
However, on groomed slopes or off-piste, you can do all the straight jumps you like.

Can I get my snowboard bindings set up in store?

On this product page, you'll find a video that shows you how to set up snowboard bindings but you can also ask your store to set up your bindings to suit your own preferences.
Ensure you have your snowboard boots with you so you can check 2 things:
_ the front and back of your bindings so that the boot toe and heel overhang by an equal amount on either side,
_ your binding straps so they fit your boots properly.

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Composition / advice

20.00% Wood, 10.00% Polyethylene High Density, 30.00% Glass - Fiber, 40.00% Epoxy
Stock advice Dry edges at the end of the day to prevent rust. Ideally, wax every 5 outings. Storing for the summer: keep away from sunlight, you can leave your bindings on the board.
Legal notice This product is designed for snowboarding. You may exceed the technical capacities of this product if you use it for any other purpose. We strongly advise you to wear a helmet, back protector and protective shorts to ensure you fully enjoy your experience.
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Our commitments

Guarantee : 2 Years

Product benefits

Versatility 50% groomed slopes and 50% off-piste, 0% park.
Ease of handling Stiff torsional flex: no compromise, maximum traction suited to large turns.
Buoyancy Very good buoyancy on powder (long rocker, 35 mm setback).
Traction Very good traction at full speed (standard camber and stiff torsional flex).
Anatomic design 160 cm: 1.69 m to 1.77 m
166 cm: 1.75 m to 1.85 m
Rigidity Rigid flex, wooden core, not wide: very lively, sharp edge-to-edge transitions.
Forgiveness Powerful with stiff torsional flex, less forgiving of edge errors.
Glide performance HDPE sintered base for an excellent glide.
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