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Precise and powerful fastening

04 - Snowboard

WED'ZE Bullwhip 500 Cable Lock Men's All Mountain Snowboard Boots - Black

Designed for advanced snowboarders looking for boots with a good grip underfoot for moving fast on all types of terrain. Powerful and accurate tightening thanks to the tightening wheel with cable for fastening the instep. Rip-tab at the top of the boots so they sit perfectly on the tibia.
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Fit 15 mm wedge heel, 2 area fastening: good support at high speeds
Easy opening / closing Cable Lock 2Z: very powerful system with cable and wheel + tibia rip-tab
Rigidity Medium flex for effectively steering the board at high speed.
Thermal insulation EVA sole (80% air) providing insulation from cold coming from ground
Fitting comfort Firm foam providing a good combination of comfort and support
Traction Ultralight sole with large studs for good grip on all types of snow
Cushioning EVA Ultralight sole (80% air) providing lightness and cushioning
A word from the product manager

With these new snowboard boots, we have also:
_ widened the fir for good support whilst providing comfort for everyone.
_ developed a new EVA sole (80% air), which is very light and insulates from the cold of the ground.
_ added a separate very powerful fastening system: Cable Lock - 2Z.
The rigidity of the boots is classified as medium to adapt to all types of rides and all terrains.

CABLE LOCK - 2Z tightening system

_ Cable Lock: very powerful fastening wheel with cable.
_ 2Z = 2 tightening areas. The force of the wheel is concentrated on the instep for good support and the rip-tab is above to prevent incorrect tibia movements within the snowboard boots.
As part of the design stage, we have carried out multiple tests with and without the rip-tab at the top of the boot. We decided to keep it owing to the support it provided.

Boot flex / stiffness

The flex of the Bullwhip is medium.
It must be effective for holding a high-speed turn (need a stiff boot), but it must also react quickly in short turns or a surprise bump (need a relatively flexible boot/fast extension of the legs).
We are really in between the 2 and the Bullwhip 500.
Compared with the Boogey, the flex AND the support of the heel have been enhanced.

Heel support: LEVEL 2 liner

Heel support is an essential part of snowboarding. For good board management, the foot must be well supported by the liner, AND the liner must be well supported in the boot.
For the Bullwhip, the LEVEL 1 liner uses 4 different technologies:
_ COMFORT FOAM ankle foam
_ 3-POINT liner fastening
_ HOOK & LOOP LINK between boot and liner
_DOUBLE FOAM = Double layer of foam at the tongue on the instep (support and comfort)

Ankle foam: ERGONOMIC SUPPORT FOAM technology

The ankle foam padding sections fill the hollow underneath and behind the ankle bone to hold the heel in place.
The LEVEL 2 liner uses a foam with an exclusive Wed'ze shape and material
- THE SHAPE was developed using a 40° average scan of the foot. It is perfect for holding the foot in place and is suitable for everyone.
_ THE MATERIAL: elastomer foam which is both soft and firm.
You can feel the support as soon as you slip your feet in. With ripples, no hard areas.

Liner fastening: 3 POINT LACING design

3-point fastening (instead of 4-point) offers 2 big advantages:
_ SUPPORT: it holds the ankle in position very well because there is less friction with the laces and a significant proportion of the energy deployed is transmitted to the 3rd and final fastening point = ankle for maximum support.

_ WARMTH: not having a 4th attachment point at the instep lets the blood flow to the toes. And it's blood circulation that keeps your toes warm.

Link between liner and boot: HOOK & LOOP LINK WIDE concept

We have added 2 rip-tabs between the liner and boot, one on each side of the liner. The retention surface between the liner and boot is three times larger on the Bullwhip 500 than the Boogey 300.

The goal is to minimise any slippage of the liner inside the boot, so it's easier to steer the board.

Base: grip, foothold, cushioning and thermal insulation

Our new ULTRALIGHT sole is made solely from EVA.
EVA is a very light material (80% air) used, amongst other things, for cushioning midsoles of running shoes.
This design is able to resist abrasion whilst upholding the cushioning properties.
It is naturally very insulating and protects from the cold where it is raised from the ground.
We have placed wide studs for greater grip, which are quite spaced apart so that snow does not get stuck in between them.

Thermal insulation

We have several ways to keep your feet warm:
_ The sole features an insulating layer, 5 mm thick EVA (80% air) which insulates from the cold ground_ the sockliner is another 5 mm layer of EVA + a polyester material
_ Tightening the boot with 3 tightening elements (rather than 4) ensures a blood supply for your toes. And it's blood circulation that keeps your toes warm

Upper of
100.00% Polyurethane (PU)
Lining and sock of
100.00% Polyester (PES)
Outer sole of
100.00% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Stock advice At the end of the day, remove the liners from the uppers to ventilate them properly and dry quickly. Also remove the inner sole of the boot to dry perfectly overnight, and return 100% dry.
Guarantee : 2 Years