Waterproof Trousers

Women's Waterproof Trousers

Whether you’re planning a trek in the rain, or simply want to be prepared, explore women’s waterproof trousers from Decathlon. Many of our over trousers can be folded into a bag so you’re good to keep moving if the weather takes a turn for the worse!

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Be prepared for any weather with women’s waterproof trousers from Decathlon. We have both standard trousers and overtrousers to complete your kit. With waterproof trousers suitable for sailing, trekking, hunting and horse riding, you’ll find the perfect pair for your sport.

In addition to waterproof trousers, we also have a selection of waterproof and water-resistant jodhpurs. They provide the full flexibility needed for sitting comfortably in the saddle, while providing resistance from rain, making your ride warmer and more comfortable. In need of a new pair? View all our women’s jodhpurs from Decathlon.

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