Trekking Holdalls

Trekking holdalls are different to trekking backpacks. They’re designed to transport larger or heavier items over shorter distances, perhaps between camping sites or airports, in a car, or even via mule, and are usually carried via two shorter straps or swung across the body via a longer shoulder strap – although, some of our styles can also be adjusted and worn on your back.

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Carry everything you need for holidays and hikes

It's not just you you'll need to think about keeping dry on longer hikes - what about your bag? At Decathlon, we stock a fantastic range of waterproof holdalls, as well as covers for your non-waterproof holdall, so you're not weighed down by soggy fabric and your stuff stays in tip-top conditon. These designs are spacious with plenty of compartments to separate dirty or wet things from the clean and dry, and have adjustable and comfortable straps and fastenings.

We offer lots of different colours and prints too (top tip: we find kids are more likely to carry their own gear if they like the bag it all goes in!), and sizes to suit you and your hiking trip.

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