Swim Robes

Swim Robes

After a good long swim or some fun water sports, slip into one of our comfy bathrobes. We have styles with hoods, with and without pockets. These microfibre and cotton robes dry quickly and can be folded to easily fit into your swim bag.

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Wrap up and get dry fast with our cosy bathrobes

After a swim, there's nothing like knowing your toasty, soft bathrobe is waiting for you. We've all been there, after an hour of lengths, arms to tired to do any serious drying - don't even talk to use about blow-drying hair! - which is wear your bathrobe comes in. Available in a range of sizes and styles for men, women and kids, our bathrobes are crafted from microfibre, which is highly absorbet and does a lot of the hard work for you. It's also very resistant to repeated washing, so you won't lose that softness over time.

If you fancy a trip to the sauna or you would like to relax by the pool, a bathrobe is the perfect thing to throw-on. It's soft against the skin, nice and warm and easy to undo. Pick a style with a hood for extra cosy points - and don't blame us if you fall asleep in it!

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