Swimming Aids

Swimming Aids

We are the one stop destination for all your swimming aids and accessories. Whether you want a kickboard or pull buoy to perfect your swimming basics, a baby swimming ring, floats or swim vests for toddlers, we are here for your rescue.

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Floats, bands and rings, oh my

Having the kids in the pool for the first time could be a little daunting, but learning to swim is one of the joys of childhood. Make it more enjoyable for them by providing some simple swimming aids which will help them feel even more comfortable in the water.

Whether on holiday or learning to swim in a pool, equipment like floats, swim vests and floating rings can make time in the pool even more fun. Pick out swim toys from a wide range of choice for boys and girls. Choose swimming aids from the likes of Speedo and Arena France to get the children learning to swim in no time! We also stock swimming accessories such as goggles and swimming shoes.

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