Snowboard Helmets

Snowboard Helmets

Snowboarding can be dangerous even when you're doing everything right - take all the necessary precautions with our range of snowboard helmets. We've made sure to select designs that won't hinder your movements but will provide a buffer between you and any nasty bumps.

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Snowboard helmets are absolutely vital for staying safe on the slopes. From beginner to expert, they keep your head and neck protected if you were to fall so you can board with confidence. We have a wide collection of helmets available in sizes suitable for adults and children, and in an array of colours.

Some of our helmets include visors to form a ‘full face’ helmet, but we also have a selection of snowboarding goggles designed to fit over your helmet. These protect your eyes from UV and help you to see.

Explore snowboard helmets suitable for on-piste and off-piste boarding. All our helmets have complete specifications and technical features listed, from ventilation and warmth through to impact protection and maintenance.

If you’re looking for extra warmth on the slopes, we have a range of beanies and hats designed to fit over or under your helmet.

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