Sailing Gloves and Headwear

Sailing Gloves & Headwear

Once you've climbed aboard, chances are the work is only just beginning, so it's wise to invest in a decent pair of sailing gloves. In summer, fingerless designs will allow you more flexibility but otherwise stick to a closed neoprene style. And don't forget a hat - you lose a lot of heat through your head.

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Good gloves will help with handling on board

When out on the water it's very important to pack the right clothing. As it's wet and you spend a lot of time handling ropes, oars or other boating equipment you must protect your hands. Check through this selection of sailing gloves for the right pair for you, whether you're in a large sailing boat or rowing.

Sailing gloves come in various guises, with fingerless, thumb/finger free or full length gloves. All give your hands warmth and protection from the wet and help reduce friction and rub when sailing. Choose from a selection of gloves made with leather and neoprene materials. Shop our full range of sailing clothing at Decathlon.

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