Life Jackets

Life Jackets

No boat should set sail without the right number of life jackets. Here you'll find life vests for kids and adults, flotation devices and gas refills, so there's no excuse not to be prepared. Add whistles and torches to your arsenal and you're good to go.

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Essential safety gear for any watery adventure

If you plan to travel further away from land when sailing, then you will need to wear a life jacket rather than a simple buoyancy aid. Life jackets are designed for keeping you afloat for long periods of time, and also to keep your head out of the water if the wearer is unconscious.

Some life vests come with additional features such as whistles, lights and reflective sections to improve visibility when dark. Automatically inflating life jackets are an alternative to the standard models. They are much smaller and more comfortable to wear out of the water, then inflate to keep the user afloat when contact with the water is made.

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