Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

Not just a sophisticated choice for smart-casual affairs on land, these boat shoes are made with time aboard in mind. Yes, they look the part, but more importantly they have grippy soles that won't mark the deck, water-repellent uppers and plenty of cushioning. No wonder everyone wants to wear them.

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Cruise 100 Women's Leather Boat Shoes Dark Blue
Cruise 100 Women's Leather Boat Shoes Dark Blue
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Wear these on deck

Choose from a range of classic-look sailing shoes from Decathlon, with shoes available for men, women and children. Shoes with suede finishes are available, along with the classic design of leather shoes with a lace around the edges and two lace holes at the top with durable leather laces.

Sailing shoes hold tight to your feet and also offer great grip on the deck thanks to the pattern cut into the sole, so that you can be sure footed when you are enjoying a day out sailing. Take a look at Decathlon’s sailing and boat shoes and pick out the right pair for you. Also view our sailing boots range within our Sailing department.

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