Running Tops, T-shirts and Vests

Running Tops, T-Shirts & Vests

Lightweight and breathable, our range of performance running tops, t-shirts and vests will keep going as long as you will thanks to breathable fabrics that wick away moisture. There’s something for every runner at affordable prices.

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From warm up to cool down, Decathlon’s selection of running vests, t-shirts and tops are designed with you in mind. Featuring moisture wicking fibres to keep you comfortable in any conditions. For greater airflow we offer running t-shirts with extra ventilation panels and for extra insulation, long sleeve tops with higher necks which can be combined with running jackets to keep you warm.

The range includes mens running vests of various colours, styles and fits to suit a variety of needs, and women’s running vests with straps of different sizes to suit your body. Take a look at our other categories of running clothing to complete your look such as running shorts that don’t restrict movement and free up your legs allowing you carry on through the final strides.

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