Running Socks

Running Socks

A breathable pair of good quality running socks can help make your run that bit more comfortable. At Decathlon you’ll find affordable running socks in a range of sizes and styles from low socks or trainer socks through to longer running socks that offer more ankle support.

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Running socks are a great little add-on if you’re buying new running shoes, or you’re simply looking for some socks to make your run as comfortable as you can. Low running socks or trainer socks are ideal to help your feet breathe and not overheat when out on long arduous runs, whereas our range of long length running socks are better suited for trail running and orienteering to give your ankles and calves a touch more protection when bounding over moorland and feels.

If you’re returning from an injury or need help with blood flow, then our range of compression socks for running may be ideal for you.

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