Running Phone Holders and Armbands

Running Phone Holders & Armbands

For those who use their phone as their source of motivational music and as an activity tracker when out running, a running armband is a perfect way to stop your phone jumping out of your pocket and breaking, or from having to hold it as you run.

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Every runner has their favourite tracking app, whether it’s Strava, MapMyRun or something else, and if you don’t have a fancy running watch you’ll need your phone with you to track your latest run. Our range of phone holders for running is designed to keep your phone out of your way so that it isn’t bouncing around in your pocket or throwing your balance off by being held in your hand. It also means that your earphones are close to your head so a bouncing phone won’t keep pulling the earbuds from your ears when you’re reaching full speed.

If you don’t need to carry your phone with you, we’ve also got a range of hip belts and running belts that are perfect for carrying your keys and some coins for a hard-earned drink or treat from the shop after your run.

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