Running Lights and Head Torches

Running Lights & Head Torches

Our range of running lights has something for everyone from running head torches to running vest lights to help brighten up your route. Ideal for multi-day running events to those early morning or evening runs in winter.

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Running lights are a great way to see and be seen while running in the dark. If you’re out bounding over rugged moorland during an orienteering event in the dark, you’ll want to see the ground in front of you to prevent any trips that could lead to injury. Even at the other end of the scale, those running to keep fit during winter months in the early hours a running head torch is an ideal way to light up your local park to give others fair warning of your presence and to help you see where you’re going when there aren’t any street lights around.

If you are out running in the dark, it’s better to be safe than sorry and our range of reflective running gear will help other road users spot you.

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