Running Jackets and Gilets

Running Jackets, Sweatshirts & Gilets

Our range of lightweight and waterproof running jackets will protect you from whatever the wind and rain can throw your way. Keep your core warm with a selection of running gilets and sleeveless jackets, perfect for when the colder weather sets in.

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Rain and windproof running jackets are essential for when the weather tries to stop you in your tracks. Don’t compromise on comfort or breathability either, our collection of mens and womens running gilets and jackets layer easily over running tops to complete your setup. Lightweight materials ensure outer shells don’t hamper your movement or weigh you down and sturdy construction keeps the rain and wind at bay.

Stay safe and be seen in the dark with reflective running gear available. Look for reflective panels on our womens and mens running gilets and jackets to reflect light in dark conditions to help you stay visible when running at night. For added security, motion powered lights work with your movement and without the need for batteries.

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