Rugby Socks

Rugby Socks

Non-slip or knee-length, all your rugby sock needs are taken care of at Decathlon. It's important to invest in quality socks that are durable enough to handle the rough, tumble and shoe-rubbing of a rugby match, breathable and with a good amount of elastic to keep them in place.

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What Kit do I need to start playing rugby

What Kit do I need to start playing rugby

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Warm, moisture-wicking and resistant to wear

Rugby socks are very similar to socks worn for other team sports, particularly like football socks. Rugby socks are thick and hard-wearing, often made from cotton but also synthetic materials like polyamide and polyester. All items are 100% machine washable. Socks usually have a little elastic in them to keep them wrapped around the player’s calf.

Choose rugby socks from a wide selection of colour designs. The different socks are perfect for training or match-day, and a choice of sizes available, from rugby socks for kids up to men’s size 13.5. Pick out the rugby socks right for you now.

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