Rugby Pads

Rugby Pads

From protective shoulder pads, designed to move with your body and reduce the risk of shoulder, chest, arm, rib, back and neck injuries to breathable undershorts that safeguard your thighs, hips and lower back, as well as scrum caps, we want you to play safe every game with our edit of rugby pads.

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Train and tackle with peace of mind

Rugby is a heavily physical sport, and if you don't know this before you play you will once a match starts! There are a number of great pieces of rugby equipment that will help protect you from some of the heavier bumps you may take when playing the game. Decathlon offers padded undershirts, mouthguards and scrum caps to keep your head cushioned.

In addition to everything you need to stay safe during a match, take a look at the other rugby equipment for training sessions. Master the scrum up against a training wedge, or develop your tackling skills up against a heavyweight rugby tackle bag. We also stock a key range of rugby boots within our Rugby department.

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