Womens Mountain Bikes

Women's Mountain Bikes

Go off-road with Decathlon’s range of women’s mountain bikes. We have models suitable for occasional riders through to professionals with front and full suspension options. Not sure what to choose? Try them out in store.

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Lifetime warranty on all metal bike frames

Bike workshop available in stores

Spare parts available online

How To Choose Your Mountain Bike?

How To Choose Your Mountain Bike?

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Women’s MTBs

A brand-new mountain bike could be the start of a high-adrenalin new hobby, or it could be your new wheels for work. Our extensive range of women’s mountain bikes come in a range of styles and sizes to suit every need and purpose. Discover many of the leading brands in MTB design and find the perfect bike for your needs. We’ve also got plenty of mountain bike accessories and mountain biking helmets to ensure you’re fully prepped for your first off-road adventure.

Ladies’ Mountain Bikes

Explore our range of high-quality ladies’ mountain bikes and find many top brands from Barracuda to Lombardo. Our women’s mountain bikes come in many different styles and have all the features to enjoy an off roading biking experience. Alternatively, pair your new MTB with road bike tyres and you’ve got the perfect wheels for your daily commute.

Ladies’ MTB Accessories

The Decathlon range also includes many additional accessories and spares for your new MTB. You can also explore our range of women’s cycling clothing, ensuring comfort whenever you ride and if you’re looking for the next level in bike tech, consider one of our electric mountain bikes.

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