Mountain Bike Tyres

Mountain Bike Tyres

Explore Decathlon’s range of mountain bike tyres suitable for wheel sizes from 12” (kids) through to 26 and 27.5”. The range includes tubeless tyres, as well as those with inner tubes, from leading brands including Michelin and Workshop.

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The right MTB tyre goes a long way in improving traction, control and performance, which is why we have selected our range of mountain bike tyres to include high quality models at affordable prices. We have tyres to suit every budget including those from leading brands such as Michelin.

Before buying your tyre, check the size of your MTB wheel. Most adult mountain bikes are either 26” or 27.5”, but it’s best to check! If you’re not sure, bring your bike into your local Decathlon store and we’d be happy to check and recommend the best tyre options for you.

Why not also explore our MTB inner tube range - having a spare is a great idea in case you get a puncture!

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