Mountain Bike Gloves

MTB Gloves

Keep your fingers functioning and comfortable in all weathers with our range of mountain bike gloves. From high grip, light gloves through to Gore-Tex winter gloves, we've got your fingers covered.

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MTB Gloves

Mountain bikers are renowned for enjoying an adventure, whatever the weather. From crisp, sunny mornings through to sleety winter days, you’ll need a good pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm, dry and fully functioning. Mountain bike gloves provide more than just comfort and are an addition to your biking kit you should consider seriously.

Winter MTB Gloves

In colder and even freezing temperatures, your hands need protection. Warm winter mountain biking gloves will help ensure your fingers remain nimble and protected even if the weather is ice cold. Wintry gloves may be thick but they’re also flexible and allow you full movement and comfort as you cycle in the winter weather

Gloves for Mountain Biking

Many mountain bike gloves are designed to protect your hands from scratches and scrapes as you ride through undergrowth and are therefore lightweight to keep you cool, while providing a ‘second skin’ to keep your hands safe. Team your gloves with MTB knee pads from Decathlon and you’ll be protected against the elements and nature as you ride.

MTB gloves should be a vital part of your cycling kit and part of ensuring a comfortable ride. Remember, our range also incorporates MTB jerseys and tops, MTB shorts and mountain biking leggings, ensuring every inch of your body is prepped and primed for an amazing cycle.

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