Kids Mountain Bikes

Kids' Mountain Bikes

Get the whole family adventuring with kids’ mountain bikes from Decathlon. Designed to provide shock absorption for growing bodies, our range includes girls' mountain bikes and boys' mountain bike models with different styles and frame sizes.

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Lifetime warranty on all metal bike frames

Bike workshop available in stores

Spare parts available online

How to choose your kids bike?

How to choose your kids bike?

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Kids Mountain Bike Collection

Escape on a family adventure with bikes for family members of all ages. Our great range of kids’ mountain bikes you can find a style and size to suit every family member and enjoy the great outdoors together. Our range of mountain bikes includes different styles to suit individual tastes and personalities and our range of kids’ helmets and kids’ bike accessories ensures you can promote safety on your family rides too.

Girls’ Mountain Bikes

There are a huge range of stylish mountain bikes for girls in our collection. With 20” and 24” mountain bike frames for older children ensuring you can get everyone involved on your family bike rides. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy nature together and a brand-new bike is always a well-received Christmas or birthday present. The Decathlon range of BMX bikes is also really popular with kids wanting to test their skills and develop a new hobby.

Kids’ Cycling Accessories

You’ve chosen the perfect MTB, not it’s time to add in all those essential accessories all kids love. We’ve already mentioned getting safe with a helmet but what about bells, horns and baskets, essentials for any kid enjoying a bike ride? We’ve also got a great range of kids’ cycling clothing to help ensure the little ones look the part and are fully comfortable on every ride.

Articles and advice

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Kids Bikes Sizes Explained

With growing kids come constantly changing bike sizes. Here we fill you in on how kids bikes are measured and how they differ from adult bikes.

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Who can Kids go cycling with?

The best way to get kids cycling is by letting them practice on a balance bike first. They will learn how to balance and steer, and can learn to pedal later.

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What kit do Kids need to start cycling?

Learning to ride a bike is an important skill that every child should learn, and once they’ve conquered it, it’s a skill that will stay with them for life.

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The best places for Kids to ride a bike

Cycling is great for making children more active. Your local park is a good option for kids cycling for beginners as it’s a safe place, away from busy roads.

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