Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

Electric mountain bikes are ideal for reducing fatigue and maximizing fun. With pedal assistance, it’s less work going uphill so you can hit the slopes hard and fast - without getting tired. Explore our range of e-mountain bikes at Decathlon.

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Traditional MTBs are designed for durability and impact and are best suited to demanding off-road landscapes. If you’re a downhill fiend or a lover of forest trails, single tracks and unpaved areas, a mountain bike is for you. We offer a range of mountain bikes such as hardtail and downhill from leading brands like Huffy and Freespirit. Our collection also includes electric mountain bikes – if you’re all about cycling with less fatigue, our electric MTBs are where it's at.


Our selection of electric MTBs for men come in a range of speeds across top brands such as Rockrider and Vitesse. With features like lightweight frames, start/stop motors that only run when you pedal, and a long battery life, you’re all set for downhill thrills and picturesque scenery.


E-MTBs get their design features from a traditional human-powered mountain bike, so you’re not compromising on ride or style. Our ladies’ electric MTBs are made by acclaimed brands such as Basis and Stilus and allow you to experience the fun of mountain bike touring, with less effort.

To go with your electric MTB, why not purchase some mountain bike shorts? For our full range of garments, it’s all about our mountain bike clothes section. You’ll definitely need protective headgear, so check out our mountain bike helmets page.

We realise electric isn’t for everyone. So, if you’re not a convert but love to ride, head to our mountain bikes page.

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