Buoyancy Aids

Buoyancy Aids

Ensure safety is front of mind every time you and your kids take the kayak out for a spin with a life jacket or vest from our range. You don't have to pay a fortune - prices start from just £9.99 - and all our buoyancy aids are easy to slip on and adjust.

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Stay afloat should you fall in

Some form of buoyancy aid is an essential accessory for all water sport enthusiasts. If you are not going to be too far from the coast, and therefore safety, then you can use a buoyancy aid which is designed to keep you afloat in the water for short periods of time.

Buoyancy aids come in a variety if different models with features such as reflective patches for visibility at night, ripstop material for durability and pockets for storing essential items. You choose the correct buoyancy aid based on your weight rather than your size, so it is essential to have an accurate measurement to hand when making your selection. Shop our kayak clothing and life jackets range also.

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