Zip Off Trousers

Zip Off Trousers

If you’re an avid hiker, rambler or walker then you simply need a versatile pair of zip-off trousers in your hiking wardrobe. These multi-use convertible trousers zip at the knee and quickly turn into shorts, keeping you cool when the weather gets warmer, but quickly ready to zip back into trousers at a moment’s notice.

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When it comes to planning a hiking trip, it can be difficult to rely on the weather forecast to give you an accurate account of what to expect. Investing in a pair of zip-off trousers means that you can protect yourself and your comfort for all weather types, letting you quickly turn your walking trousers into hiking shorts if the weather gets too hot.

Similarly, if it’s a little colder than anticipated, you can simply zip the bottom of your convertible trousers back on and you can carry on walking without worrying about being cold!

Zip-off trousers are lightweight and durable, promising that they’re ready to tackle the same terrain as you are. Not only that, but Decathlon’s range of convertible trousers offers a selection of zip-off trousers for men, women and kids in different colours and styles - allowing you to keep your family kitted out for all weather types without having to splash out on multiple pairs of hiking trousers.

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