Winter Leggings

Winter Leggings

Walking trousers aren’t for everyone, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Decathlon’s range of walking leggings are an ideal alternative, or our winter leggings are good to wear under your trousers on those cold-weather hikes. We’ve got thermal leggings for both men and women available online.

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If you can’t find a pair of walking trousers that fit properly or that you like the look of, walking leggings are a great alternative and provide excellent freedom of movement. Hard-wearing and rugged, you’re getting everything you need from your outdoor legwear in something a little different.

For those winter hikes, our winter leggings or thermal leggings are designed to keep you feeling warm during chilly weather. If you don’t own a pair of winter walking trousers, then some thermal leggings under a pair of standard walking trousers can have the same benefits.

Decathlon’s collection of walking leggings offers something for all the family. You can shop winter leggings for boys, girls, men and women - with sizes starting from 6 years old and running right up through to 3XL.

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