Walking Boots

Walking Boots

If you’re looking for walking boots that are great value for money, you’ll find plenty to choose from at Decathlon. We’ve got walking boots and hiking boots to get the whole family out on the trails and exploring the world around them. With sizes available for men, women and kids in a variety of styles, there’s something for everyone.

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Walking boots vs Shoes

p>If you’re torn between a pair of walking boots and a pair of outdoor shoes and which would be better for you, we’re here to help. Walking boots are usually better suited to rugged, loose terrain, the off-roaders of outdoor footwear. Boots will give you more ankle support and more coverage for those wet weather hikes too. If you only need footwear for easy low-land rambles, then a pair of walking shoes might be perfect for you.

How should walking boots fit?

A great way to test the size of walking boots is to pull the insole out. Place your foot on the insole, right to the back of it. If there is an index finger size gap between your toes and the front of the insole, these should be a good fit. Any more or less, you may want to change size. It’s good to have a little wiggle room in your boots as your foot will move inside the boot on inclines and declines. If your hiking boots are too tight, or too big then you will feel discomfort. The right amount of space will allow you to wear a good quality pair of walking socks too.

Decathlon Walking Boots

We want you to be able to explore the outdoors with your family and friends, so we’ve got a range of walking boots for the whole family. Available in mens, womens and kids sizes. You’ll find options such as waterproof walking boots, leather walking boots, winter walking boots and more, so you can pick a pair in a style that suits your adventure.

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