Don’t let cold weather stop your next adventure - you just need the appropriate thermal base layers to ensure you’re wrapped up warm and are protected from the elements. Decathlon’s collection of thermals and long johns will help to keep you toasty and warm from head to toe while trekking through the winter and on frosty mornings.

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Stay Warm, Stay Dry
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Skiing, snowboarding, winter walking and early morning hikes are all made possible thanks to thermal base layers. Investing in the appropriate thermals and long johns allows you to enjoy everything that nature has to offer all year round, protecting you from the elements and keeping you comfortable when things get a little frosty.

Men, women and children will be able to get the thermal base layers they need at Decathlon, with its offering spanning long-sleeved t-shirts, leggings, trousers and even special boxers to keep you warm.

For those who love winter sports like skiing, you can also browse specific winter sports thermal base layers to enhance your performance in adverse weather conditions.

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