Thermal and Vacuum Flasks

Thermal & Vacuum Flasks

If you’re planning a day out exploring, hitting some hiking trails or enjoying a picnic on the beach, a camping flask from Decathlon will ensure you can enjoy a delicious hot drink whenever you need one. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.

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Thermos Flask

There’s nothing better than stopping for a break during a long hike on a winter’s day to enjoy a hot drink or washing down a delicious picnic with a hot tea or coffee. If you want to enjoy a hot drink while on the move, a camping flask from Decathlon is just what you need. With a stainless steel flask, your soup, coffee, or hot chocolate will stay nice and hot for several hours. We stock a wide selection of thermos flasks in various sizes and designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that’s right for you.

You’ll also find hiking flasks that will fit in comfortably in your backpack, so it’s always there when you need it. We have a great range of camping flasks from some of the top leading outdoor brands, including Forclaz, Quechua, Katadyn and Nike, so you’re guaranteed to find a thermos flask to suit you.

Many campsites in the UK have great bike trails on the doorstep, and if you enjoy exploring new places on two wheels, our bike racks make it incredibly easy to take your bike with you on your next camping trip. Our range of bike racks fit snugly on the back of your car, over the tow bar or on the roof rack. You can securely transport your family's bikes wherever your outdoor adventures take you.

Whether you're planning a romantic glamping weekend for two or you’re taking the kids away on a camping holiday, a portable BBQ grill will take your next camping trip to an entirely new level. Serve your loved ones delicious BBQ food cooked just the same as you would at home.

If you’re taking the kids away for their first camping holiday but dreading the prospect of having to put up the tent, a kids’ pop up tent from Decathlon is the answer. They are as sturdy and reliable as traditional poled tents but a lot more fun and easy to pitch. Even the kids can help with setting it up.

Does your tent always end up looking messy, and you can’t ever find what you need? It’s time to invest in some great camping storage solutions from Decathlon. Organise your tent with foldaway camping cupboards, kitchen stands, bedside tables, inflatable wardrobes and more.

There’s no need to sacrifice your comfort on a camping trip, especially if you have one of our camping and sleeping mats in your camping kit. Our padded roll mats and self-inflating sleeping mats go under your sleeping bag, provide extra comfort and warmth, and help insulate you from the ground. You’ll wonder how you ever camped without one.

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