Ordnance Survey and Walking Maps

Ordnance Survey & Walking Maps

Ordnance Survey maps (also known as OS Maps) are probably the most famous type of walking map and the maps that we all instantly recognise. OS Maps have detailed maps of pretty much everywhere and here at Decathlon, you’ll find a range to help you navigate around the British outdoors with ease. Simply pick up a map for the area you’re heading to, and get out there exploring

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Map Reading Skills

Even with the rise in popularity of handheld walking GPS, it’s always good to brush up on basic map reading skills. If you own GPS tech, then it’s always advised to take a paper map and compass in your bag just in case your battery dies or for some reason, the technology fails you.

The good news is that Ordnance Survey has some fantastic map reading for beginners downloads that you can use to teach yourself the basics of map reading.

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